New Student Orientation Schedule

Although orientation for new students will look different this year, we desire to warmly welcome students to the Pitzer community and introduce them to the many resources at Pitzer and the Claremont Colleges – through our academic orientation program, campus life educational sessions, and online social events with other new students and Pitzer student leaders. And, despite not being able to offer our traditional on-campus New Student Orientation or Orientation Adventure programs this fall, we are planning on providing new students with opportunities to make meaningful connections with other Pitzer students.  

Below are the New Student Orientation schedule for new spring First-Year and Transfer students. Please review the schedule that incoming Pitzer students should anticipate following during December and January. The current orientation schedule covers the initial academic orientation schedule that will prepare our new students to begin classes on January 25th, but there will be ongoing programming, mentorship, and resources that will be shared with new students throughout the entire Spring semester.

Due to moving the New Student Orientation program online, all of the academic orientation this spring will be hosted online. If you have a concern about having access to reliable internet during this time, please contact

  • Spring First Year and Transfer Student Orientation Schedule


    Date Type of Event Event Title Brief Event Description
    Monday December 21, 2020

    1pm PST


    Mandatory Zoom Webinar “Pitzer College’s Academic Orientation Overview” with First-Year Seminar Director Sarah Gilman and Associate Dean Phil Zuckerman ·  The Zoom webinar link for this required webinar will be emailed to all new spring first year and transfer students.

    ·  If a student is unable to attend this webinar live, it will be posted on the NSO Sakai site afterwards.

    Monday December 21, 2020


    Email New Student Orientation (NSO) Sakai* Site Live


    ·  Between Monday , new students can review the current information posted on the NSO Sakai site, which will include the most up to date orientation timeline, Course Registration & MyCampus2 Portal Overview, language placement exam information, previously recorded presentations from various campus offices, and a few other relevant resources.

    ·  *Sakai is the course management and collaborative learning environment that serves the Claremont Colleges. It is used to deliver course materials, set up learning activities, and collaborate on projects.

      Zoom Webinar “Success in the Sciences” with Dean of Science of Keck Science Ulysses Sofia and Pre-Health Professions Advisor Susie Fang ·  The Zoom webinar link will be posted on the NSO Sakai site. If a student is unable to attend this webinar live, it will be posted on the NSO Sakai site afterwards.

    ·  Although not a mandatory session, if you are interested in a science major or a career in medicine, you should attend this live webinar.

    Tuesday December 22, 2020


    Email First-Year Seminar and Academic Advisor Announcement ·  All students will be contacted about their FYS course and faculty advisor assignment.
    Tuesday December 22, 2020


    Email New Student Guide Announcement


    ·  New Student Guides are student leaders who will be assigned to a group of new students (based on FYS class, transfer or New Resource) to assist with the academic transition to Pitzer and will provide ongoing support and community-building throughout the spring semester.
    Monday January 4 

    2pm PST


    Mandatory Meeting Group Academic Advising for Transfer Students · This will be a chance to meet your advisor, Professor Phil Zuckerman, fellow transfer students, learn a bit about each other, and sign up for an individual advising meeting with your advisor
    Monday January 4, 2021


    Mandatory Zoom Meeting First-Year Seminar Meetings


    ·  During this meeting you will meet your FYS Advisor and sign up for an individual advising appointment

    ·  Zoom links for each section will be posted on the NSO Sakai site. Note that some sections may meet at a different time.

    Tuesday January 5, 2021


    Mandatory Meeting Individual Academic Advising for First-Year Students ·  These appointment times will be set up during your FYS meetings on Monday, January 4th.
    Wed. January 6, 2021


    New Student Process New Student Course Registration


    ·  All new students will be emailed by the Registrar’s Office by Tuesday, January 5, with your individual course registration time slot.

    ·  New students will be able to get registration assistance from your New Student Guide, if desired.

    TBD, between January 11 – 22, 2021 Zoom Webinar Student Support Services Snapshot During this webinar you will hear from the Office of Student Affairs and resource centers from The Claremont College Service, about some of the resources, services and programs that Pitzer students have access to during this semester online and throughout your time at Pitzer.
    TBD, between January 11 – 22, 2021 Zoom Webinar Conversations with Pitzer Student Leaders Hear from the Pitzer Student Senate Executive Board about ways to get involved in student governance, student clubs and organizations, and other aspects of community life. Additionally, get your questions answered by both Senate and all the New Student Guides about being a Pitzer student this semester.




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