Living on Campus

Residential living is an integral part of your educational experience and will give you valuable learning opportunities unique to life at Pitzer College.

All first-year students are required to live on campus and enter into a residency agreement. Exceptions to this policy may be made for new transfer students, students living with family, married students, students with children and students 24 years old or older. If you fall into one of these categories and wish to live off campus, contact the Residence Life Office.

The majority of our students live on campus in the residence halls. Residential living enables you to share in intellectual and educational pursuits while learning to live within a diverse community. It provides opportunities for individual growth through community involvement, interpersonal relationships and social interaction. Few learning situations in life are potentially more challenging or rewarding.

The Residential Life staff provides a variety of programs throughout the year. These include programs supporting wellness, social justice, sustainability, study abroad as well as a variety of community-building events in the residence halls and across the 5Cs. Look for flyers posted around your hall and let your Resident Assistant (RA) know what activities interest you.

  • Special Residence Opportunities

    Gender-Neutral Housing
    Gender-neutral housing options became available campus-wide in 2008. Gender-neutral housing provides a living environment where student housing is not restricted to traditional limitations imposed by gender and/or sex definitions. This option is ideal for students whose gender expression, gender identity and/or biological sex varies from the standard paradigm and for students who believe that their gender and/or biological sex should not be limiting factors in roommate decisions. No student will be restricted by traditional limitations of gender identity, gender expression, biological sex or other identities pertaining thereto. All students will have the option to participate in, or opt out of, gender-neutral housing.

    Residence Hall Dining
    Pitzer College’s dining program goes above and beyond the usual campus dining service. Our food service staff is dedicated to making each student’s dining experience tasty, convenient and affordable. The dining hall is located in McConnell Center on the first floor off the main lobby.

    Food Service Options
    The dining hall offers a 12- or 16-meal plan option to accommodate varied lifestyles and schedules. Both plans provide unlimited servings. Arrangements can be made to accommodate special dietary needs by contacting the Office of Student Affairs. Your meal card entitles you to eat in any of the dining facilities at Claremont’s five undergraduate colleges (5Cs). All students living in the residence halls are required to have a meal plan. However, residents and their guests may purchase additional meals on an individual basis. In addition, all students of The Claremont Colleges have a Claremont Cash account established when their ID card is created. Funds may be deposited in your account by cash, check, money order or credit card (Visa and Mastercard) at the Claremont Connection located in the Claremont Colleges Library or on its website. You may also call 909.607.2273. You can use these funds to purchase meals, books, clothing and any other goods sold at locations accepting Claremont Cash.

    Off-Board Applications
    After consultation with the food service director, if you have dietary needs that cannot be met, you may file an Off-Board Application and submit it to the Residence Life Office. To receive consideration, medical documentation from your personal physician and a letter from the food service director stating the College cannot meet your specific dietary needs must be included with your application.

  • Move-In Guide for New Students

    You probably have lots of questions about what to bring and what not to bring. What the rooms have in them and what they do not have in them. We have created a helpful Move-In Guide for new students to help answer those questions. If this information still leaves you questioning, do not hesitate to reach out to your residence life staff.

  • Student Parking

    How do I get a parking permit?


    • Due to parking limitations, students are restricted from having a vehicle on campus for the first two years at Pitzer.
    • There are limited parking spaces on Pitzer’s Campus that can be used by students – parking permits will be capped at 290 and approved as they are received.

    First Years & Sophomores

    As stated in the Student Handbook, first-year and sophomore students are not able to obtain a parking permit. Because of the extremely limited parking available to Pitzer students, exceptions to this policy are rarely able to be accommodated. The only three types of exceptions that can sometimes be made (subject to availability) are for those approved to live-off campus by housing to live with family, Career Services approved off-campus internships and medical accommodations. If you believe you might qualify for one of these types of exceptions, please complete THIS FORM. A member of the parking committee will reply to your request for an exception in early-August.

    Juniors & Seniors
    1. Go to (this link is only accessible on campus).
    2. Click on “Create New Account-Student” and enter your ID number from your Pitzer ID card, or login if you already have an account.
    3. Complete the required information or update existing information. If you are unable to create an account or login, a representative from Campus Safety can assist you.
    4. Bring your Pitzer ID, driver’s license, and DMV registration to the McConnell Lobby on Thursday during the third week of classes from 9 AM-12 PM or 1 PM-3 PM to pick up your parking permit or renewal sticker (look for emails for specifics). First years and sophomores must also bring confirmation that their parking permit request was approved.

    If you miss the on-campus registration, stop by the Campus Safety office from 8-5 PM, Mon-Fri.

    Where can Pitzer students park?
    1. Holden Lot – East of McConnell in spots that are not specifically labeled for another purpose.
    2. Pitzer Road – there are few spots at the end that are not labeled.
    3. East Mesa Lot – in spots that are not specifically labeled for another purpose.

Page last updated on November 20, 2019