Getting Involved

During Orientation

  • Check out Student Senate’s website to find clubs and organizations you may want to be involved with.
  • Attend the Student Senate event during orientation to find out from upper class student leaders about the best ways to get involved. Ask questions!
  • Attend the Pitzer Student Organizations Fair and join at least one of the 75 clubs and organizations available to Pitzer students. If there is not a club you are interested in, talk to the Senate reps about ways to start new clubs.
  • Attend the evening and weekend social events where you will meet other new Pitzer students, 5C students and upper class student leaders.
  • On your OA trip, ask the leaders what they do on campus and the best ways to get involved.
  • Meet with the incredible Career Services staff about job opportunities on-campus or in the community. Have them help you perfect your resumé for summer fellowships and internship opportunities that they can help you find.

Within the First Month


Page last updated on August 20, 2019