Fall 2020 Student Success Support Services & Resources

We at Pitzer take pride in the residential liberal arts experience created by students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the College. It is an experience always centered on our Core Values and the health and safety of all members. Even during this unprecedented time of physical separation, we are still a community of learners and together we will find innovative, effective and thoughtful ways of equipping you, our students, to live healthy and thriving lives; and be the citizens and leaders our global society needs more than ever. Mindful of Each Other, we remain committed to supporting student success and engaging students remotely, for now, and in-person in the not-too-distant future. 

Out of care and concern for the livelihood and well-being of our community, it is imperative that we continue to be transparent with you in our planning. Due to COVID-19 related health and safety concerns, students are strongly discouraged from physically returning to Claremont for the Fall 2020 semester, and until further notice from the College. Pitzer College will be physically closed during this time to the community. Local hospital capacity is severely limited resulting in students who become infected caring for themselves, lags and accessibility issues with testing in Los Angeles County, and The Claremont Colleges will not be able to perform any contact tracing for students. Your well-being and livelihood matters to us, and we implore you to continue to follow the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, including but not limited to, limiting your physical interactions with others. Pitzer College will enforce the Code of Student Conduct when necessary to protect the health, well-being and safety of the community.  

  • Mindful of Each Other: Provida Futuri

    This fall semester, the Pitzer community will continue to fulfill the mission of “produc[ing] engaged, socially responsible citizens of the world” while protecting the health and safety of our students, staff and faculty. While the COVID-19 public health crisis has impacted our ability to be physically together on-campus this fall, it will not impact our ability to still build a strong Pitzer family.  We ask all students to consider how you can remotely contribute to the greater good in the multiple communities we are a part of, and continue to invest in our community values, traditions, and connections in new ways.   

    We are mindful of our communities, therefore we commit to:  

    Follow CDC guidance in response to COVID-19 

    • Face Coverings
      • Wear face coverings in accordance with CDC recommendations
    • Physical Distancing
      • Practice physical distancing (staying at least 6-feetapart) 
      • Not share objects with others, when possible, to limit transmission.
    • Education, Updates and Proactive Guidance
      • Review important health announcements and engage in ongoing education on the issue of prevention and response to COVID-19.
      • Follow health and safety laws, orders, ordinances, regulations and health and safety guidance as it relates to public health crises, including COVID-19  

    Be “Mindful of Each Other” 

    • Take care of each other, build and maintain connections, and reach out to support resources.
    • Practice “calling each other in” around these important health and safety measures,  empathy, compassion and an ethos of “I am because we are”, whereby we honor the “principle of ubuntu: a concept in which being itself is a relational category of recognition, rights, and responsibilities” (Ogude, Paulson, & Srainchan, 2019)
    • Support Pitzer, and local, community members who are impacted by COVID-19 and connect them with appropriate resources.
    • Combat bias, discrimination, xenophobia and stigma related to COVID-19 by resisting any attempts to discriminate against others based on COVID-19 status or association and commit to learning from others’ experiences as part of our ever-changing global community.  
  • Student Housing

    Campus Housing 
    For public health reasons, the College does not intend to offer any campus housing or dining services for the fall semester. Students may choose to stay at home with family, live off-campus locally, lease elsewhere, or contact the Claremont Collegiate Apartments (CCA) to sign a direct lease with them for the fall semester (details below).  

    We recognize that the decision not to offer campus housing, and the move to a remote mode of instruction, may create additional hardships for students. Students who do not have housing options for the fall, or will be in a situation that makes remote learning extremely difficult, should reach out to TreasurersOffice@pitzer.edu to initiate a process to have their circumstances reviewed by the Office of Financial Aid, Student Affairs, Treasurer’s Office, and other partners.  More information on Financial Aid can be found below.

    Off-Campus Housing in the Claremont and Surrounding Areas
    Some students may still intend to live in Claremont or the surrounding areas, even though instruction will only be online and on-campus housing will not be open. Although the College discourages students from moving to Claremont this fall due to the ongoing pandemic, this is a personal decision for students and their families. Students living off-campus will not have physical access to campus, except for pre-scheduled medical appointments with Student Health Services (SHS). 

    Pitzer will not be responsible for providing access to dining services, quarantine or isolation housing, or any medical services beyond those provided by SHS. 

    To assist students seeking Off-Campus Housing in the Claremont area, Pitzer has negotiated a direct lease rate with the Claremont Collegiate Apartments (CCA) for the Fall 2020 semester: 

    • A discounted rate per month for a single room in a 2 bed / 1 bath apartment will be offered to Pitzer students. 
    • For more information, and to start this process, please complete this online form and contact CCA with questions: claremontapts@peakcampus.com 
    • Students who choose to lease with CCA individually will be will be considered “off campus” and be given the option to continue living there for spring semester. 

    Storage Items
    The College will continue to store student items left behind during the March 2020 campus closure as a default. If students would like to pick-up their items in Claremont anytime this summer or during fall semester, they can contact housing@pitzer.edu to arrange a time.   

    Emergency Contact Information and Fall Address
    Students are encouraged to update their emergency and missing persons contact information as well as their fall address on their MyCampus2 Portal. Once logged in, click “Student” on grey navigation bar at the top of the page, then click Pitzer Student Info” and scroll down to “Missing Persons/Emergency Contacts Info” to update this information.

    Mail Services
    Students are encouraged to have their mail and packages sent to their fall semester address. Please do not send your mail to Pitzer since students will have not have access to campus during the fall semester. To forward your mail, contact kathleen_kile@pitzer.edu.

  • Academic Support Services

    Academic Support Services, Accommodations and Academic Coaching | Website
    If you are a student who has been approved for academic accommodations in the past due to a disability, learning difference or chronic health challenge please log into AIM to set up your accommodations for the coming semester as you have done in the past. If you are a new student or new to needing accommodations please email PASS for next steps.

    Virtual Academic Coaching will be availablonce the semester begins along with academic workshops to support your online learning experience.  

    Subject-specific tutoring will also be available once the semester begins.   

    Course Text Loan Library
    We are most proud that at Pitzer our students are considerate of limited resources available and continue to Be Mindful of Each Other. Students experiencing emergency or insecurity needs related to course texts may request access through the Dean of Students Loan Program. Students are encouraged to submit a request by August 5th in order to receive support by the start of classes. 

    The Claremont Colleges Library | Website
    Check out New To Using the Library to get oriented to the Library’s core services and resources. Please refer to their COVID-19 web page for the most up-to-date information about Library services, as they are subject to change in response to the state of public health recommendations. Some highlights of our remote resources and services include the following:  

    • All of the online resources—databasesjournals, articles, and e-books—are available off campus. Anyone with valid Pitzer credentials (what you use to login into Sakai or your college email account) has access to them by going through the Library’s website.
    • Once you have your login credentials, materials that are available in print can be requested online through the Resource Sharing service. You can request that they be mailed to your home address (mailing limit 5 per person, per semester).
    • If you find a book or article you would like but it’s either checked out from the Library or not in the collection, you can request it through the free Resource Sharing service. The library will make every effort to find an electronic version of your request. They hope to begin providing this service for print resources later this summer.
    • Research consultations with a librarian are available via Zoom. They also have chat and email research support. We’re here to help you get acclimated to college research!
    • Special Collections staff are available to answer questions you might have about accessing their materials or conducting primary source research. For those who are not familiar, Special Collections houses distinctive and unique resources, including rare books, maps, photographs, posters, college archives, and more. You are encouraged to explore and browse the digital collections.

    The library automatically acquires all course readings that faculty submit to the Huntley Bookstore, and they are doing their best to provide access to e-versions of them whenever possible. Search the Library’s website to see if the course readings for your classes are available. If you don’t see them, reach out to your professor and let them know to contact the Library

    The Writing Center at Pitzer College | Website
    The Pitzer Writing Center will offer comprehensive virtual writing support after the semester begins. This includes one-on-one video conferences with peer Fellows trained to work with writers on assignments across the disciplines and at any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming ideas to polishing a final draft. The Writing Center will also continue to host a wide range of virtual workshops and events, including regular “write-ins” that build community and foster resilience around the writing process. Specialized consultations will be available for senior thesis and multilingual writers. In addition, a research librarian will offer weekly video consultations on all aspects of the research process. Writing Center Fellows will continue to participate in a rich learning community dedicated to social justice-oriented writing pedagogies. For more information contact The Writing Center at writing@pitzer.edu.


  • Technology Support & Access

    Laptop and WiFi Hot Spot Support
    We are most proud that at Pitzer our students are considerate of limited resources available and continue to Be Mindful of Each Other. Students experiencing emergency or insecurity needs related to technology student support services (i.e. WiFi hot spot and laptop loans) may request access through the Dean of Students Loan Program. Students are encouraged to submit a request by August 5th in order to receive support by the start of classes. 

    Technology Assistance and Support
    The Office of Information Technology services website has links to all of Pitzer College’s software, instructions, and guides including Duo user authentication, Pitzer-Google services, MyCampus Portal, Sakai, Office365 software and other information on software utilized by the College, and more. For more information or assistance with any technology-related needs, contact the Pitzer Help Desk at 909-607-3065 or via email at help@pitzer.edu.

  • Student Well-Being & Basic Needs

    Student Health Insurance | Website
    All enrolled domestic Pitzer students must have comprehensive medical insurance coverage. At the Colleges we offer Aetna Student Health Insurance which many students have found valuable. Students will be automatically enrolled in SHIP until proof of comparable coverage is provided and a waiver is submitted via the online waiver portal by the September 7, 2020 deadline. It is the student’s responsibility to keep the College informed of changes in insurance coverage and coverage must be confirmed every year via the online waiver portal.

    PLEASE NOTE: In a typical year when all students are on campus in Claremont, California, state funded medical programs from outside of California are NOT considered to be adequate coverage to waive out of SHIP as they do not cover an individual outside of their home state. However, if you are currently enrolled in a state funded medical program this fall 2020 and plan to remain living in your home state during the fall 2020 semester due to the COVID-19 restrictions and the recent update regarding on-line learning this fall, you CAN waive out of SHIP with your state funded coverage.  Please visit the SHIP web page for more information about SHIP or contact Katie Tewell with any questions or concerns.    

    All enrolled international Pitzer students who are currently residing in the US will be enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan unless they provide proof of comparable coverage that is based in the US. If you are an International student and would like to be waived out of SHIP, please email Katie Tewell.

    Student Health, Mental Health, Well-being & Basic Needs | Website
    Case Management will continue to be available via phone, email or zoom to discuss support and resource needs arise. Strive 2 Thrive also has a library of resources providing remote wellness programming and linkages to free wellness resources through  Instagram @pzstrive2thrive and Strive to Thrive page outlining self-care, mental health, physical health and other resources nationally/online only that students can access, typically for free based on specific needs: i.e. anxiety, depression, basic needs, COVID-19 specific mental health triggers, systemic and racial trauma triggers etc. Visit the On-Campus and Community Resources web page

    Arc Counseling and Open Path Collective both offering affordable and online therapy. Or, there are local and national resources on Pitzer’s Case Management pageCalifornia’s Peer Warmline where students can call if they are feeling lonely, anxious or just want to talk to someone.

    Food Assistance
    For students in California, please visit CalFresh for food assistance. Students outside California may contact Case Management for referrals to other support resources.

    Students Experiencing Direct Impact/Exposure to COVID-19 
    If a student is directly, or indirectly, impacted by COVID-19, the Office of Student Affairs, Academic Support Services, and Case Management will assist students with academic support services coordination remotely as needed. They can be contacted at 909-621-8241.

    Monsour Counseling and Psychological Services (MCAPS) | Website
    Students need not be on campus to access services offered by the Monsour Counseling and Psychological Center (MCAPS). However, due to California mental health licensing laws, MCAPS can only offer ongoing teletherapy/telephone appointments (individual or group) to students living in California.  

    MCAPS will serve out of state students via teletherapy/telephone for a onetime consultation, Rapid Access Initial Assessment, or a crisis session. Additionally, the center will work individually with out-of-state students to provide locally based referrals for ongoing care. To access services at MCAPS, please call 909-621-8202. For after-hours crisis services, the voicemail message will prompt you to press “1” to be connected to an on-call therapist. The Claremont Colleges are offering (at no cost to the student) an additional telehealth option for students seeking mental health counseling or medical care. To access, Pitzer students should visit the Campus.Health website or visit the Apple or Android stores to download the free TimelyMD app. You will need to create a profile and, at checkout, enter the customized coupon code (Pitzer 2020).

    Student Health Services (SHS) | Website
    Covid-19 Testing Capabilities
    Student Health Services (SHS) is attempting to secure COVID-19 testing capability and will provide such testing to any local students based on meeting their guidelines-based criteria for testing. In the event that SHS does not have this capacity, SHS will provide students with information for current public health and private testing options.

    SHS General Operations

    • Students Living Locally Off Campus
      Student Health Services (SHS) will continue to operate during the academic year, but with a modified schedule. Medical services through SHS can be received on an appointment basis ONLY. Walk-in appointments will NOT be allowed due to COVID-19 pandemic related restrictions. As a result, same day appointment availability will be expanded to accommodate most students in a timely manner. SHS can be contacted at 909-621-8222. SHS also advises you to review their websiteto get more detailed information about the services provided.For those students who wish to avoid in-person visits at SHS or require non-emergent medical care outside of SHS hours of operation, they still have the option of utilizing the contracted telemedicine service, Campus.Health (Pitzer 2020 is the access code for students). This NO-COST option is available to ALL students at The Claremont Colleges, regardless of whether they are living locally off-campus or in a different part of the country. Please note that all telemedicine services will be provided through Campus.Health, not SHS.Lastly, students may also choose to receive medical care through local community physicians, urgent cares or hospitals that are covered in their network, utilizing their private medical insurance or Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). Please contact your insurance company directly to verify that a provider is covered by your insurance plan prior to obtaining services.
    • Students Living Outside of California
      While SHS is unable to provide you services directly, The Claremont Colleges have contracted with a telemedicine service, Campus.Health. This NO-COST option is available to ALL students at The Claremont Colleges, regardless of whether they are living locally off campus or in a different part of the country.Students may also choose to receive medical care through local community physicians, urgent cares or hospitals that are covered in their network, utilizing their private medical insurance or Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). Please contact your insurance company directly to verify that a provider is covered by your insurance plan prior to obtaining services.
    • Students Living Internationally
      For those students living internationally, unfortunately, neither SHS nor the contracted telemedicine service will be able to provide medical services to you at this time. You will most likely need to arrange for your own medical care locally where you reside. If you are an International student and would like to be waived out of SHIP, please email Katie Tewell.
  • Additional Student Support Resources

    Anti-racism & Black Lives Matter Resources | Website
    A collection of resources to educate the community on issues surrounding Black Lives Matter movement and protests is available through The Claremont Colleges Library Research Guides. These issues include topics such as anti-racism, systematic racism, systematic oppression, police brutality, and mass incarceration.  

    Pitzer Center for Asian Pacific American Students | Website
    CAPAS is working to develop online programming and opportunities in which students can build community. CAPAS will continue to hold community building and community care dialogues, workshops on building solidarity and confronting anti-blackness in APIDA communities and workshops on racial justice. The director for CAPAS will be available remotely to provide resources and support. For updates, please go to CAPAS webpage, Facebook, or Instagram. 

    The first-year retreat for students who identify as Asian Pacific Islander Desi Americans (APIDA) organized by the Asian Pacific American Coalition (APAC) will be postponed and is anticipated to be held during Spring semester. APAC will be organizing a sponsor program for first-year APIDA students where sophomores, juniors and seniors provide support. For fall semester, APAC sponsors will organize events and programs to build a first-year student community. For more information, follow APAC Instagram.

    The Chaplains Office Services and Q&AWebsite
    The Chaplains at The Claremont Colleges facilitate and connect you to the faith community on campus. They host weekly religious services and worship opportunities. The Chaplains also connect you to student organizations that align with your interests. They promote interfaith engagement through community service events and community programs. In addition, if ever you need to talk to someone for spiritual or emotional wellness, the Chaplains offer confidential pastoral counseling. Their services will be available online to all students regardless of faith or holding no faith. The Chaplains office can be contacted via email or by telephone at 909-621.8241. 

    Chicano Latino Student Affairs | Website
    (CLSA) aims to foster a sense of 
    familia and community at The Claremont Colleges by providing cultural programming that reflect the Latinx diaspora.  Our center also provides leadership opportunities, professional development, and academic support services for our diverse undergraduate and graduate students.  

    At this time, CLSA will be engaging students online.  Also, due to social distancing policies, they will be postponing their new student retreat, however, we will be providing the following programs/services: 

    CLSA will provide the following services to students via Zoom: 

    • Coffee with the Deans: Join CLSA Deans for their weekly coffee chats, to ask any questions, or just get to know one another better –they’re friendly and eager to meet you!
    • Academic and Personal Advising: students can schedule appts to meet with the Deans for advice regarding academic, professional, and personal support
    • Mental Health/Wellness Programs: Connect with Latinx therapists, from Monsour Counseling and Psychological Services, in either a one-on-one, or group session, to support your overall wellness as a student at The Claremont Colleges.
    • Cultural Celebrations and Educational Programming: CLSA will provide enriching events that educate our community about the diverse Latinx diaspora through a cultural and artistic lens (via music, theater, art, film, food, clothing, customs/celebrations, etc.) We also offer a speaker series where prominent Latinx scholars from their respective fields provide discourse circles for students to engage diverse topics impacting our community. 

    Check out CLSA’s social media on Instagram @clsaclaremont or Facebook @clsaclaremontcolleges.

    DACA and Undocumented Student Support
    Pitzer College declared itself a Sanctuary College in November 2016, and continues to support the success of undocumented and DACAmented students. Together as collaborative partners, the Office of Student Affairs, Office of the Dean of Faculty, Office of Admissions and Financial Aid, and the Office of Study Abroad and International Programs assists with advocacy, outreach, support and resources for undocumented and DACAmented student success. Additional resources and information are available here.

    Health Education Outreach | Website
    Additional updates and information regarding support services will be provided soon.

    Office of Black Student Affairs | Website
    Additional updates and information regarding support services will be provided soon.

    Pomona-Pitzer Athletics | Website
    Intercollegiate athletic participation is a highly valued aspect of the educational experience at Pomona and Pitzer, as it provides tangible learning opportunities outside of the classroom.  Unfortunately, we will not be competing this fall. The decision to cancel athletic competition was not taken lightly, nor was the decision made swiftly. We remain committed to the continued growth and development of our student athletes and will support them by providing educational, team building and wellness programming. A few examples include: 

    • Leadership Programming
    • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives
    • Mental Health Initiatives

    The Department of Physical Education is working towards the safe continuation of our curriculum and students will be able to enroll in courses that count towards their Physical Education General Education requirement.   We anticipate a variety of virtual class options and engaged support from our Physical Education faculty. For more athletics FAQs, please visit sagehens.com. 

    Queer Resource Center (QRC) | Website
    The Queer Resource Center is a 7 College resource center serving the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, asexual, omnisexual, and pansexual communities, as well as allies, at The Claremont Colleges. For the Fall semester, the QRC will be hosting a variety of programming including virtual drop-in hours for students. The Queer and Questioning Mentor Program (QQMP) will be continuing for the Fall semester. Applications are open for students interested in being a mentee or a mentor. Mentees can apply for a mentor at any time during the academic year. 

    Student Disability Resource Center | Website
    Additional updates and information regarding support services will be provided soon.

    Trans Student Support During COVID-19
    Pitzer’s Trans Advocacy, Programming, Acceptance and Support (TAPAS) is the committee (including representation from the QRC and other TCCS student services) whose mission is to support the trans and nonbinary community at Pitzer College. TAPAS created a webpage with a comprehensive list of Transgender Student Support Resources in a time of COVID-19. 

  • Co-Curricular Activities & Student Engagement

    Co-Curricular Activities & Student Engagement
    The Office of Student Affairs is committed to creating virtual opportunities for students to engage with other community members.  Students will experience an active campus life adapted to an online platform, from game nights and cooking demonstrations to current events discussions and faculty-led dialogues. Additionally, Student Senate, Clubs and Orgs, and Affinity Groups will be moving their programs and gatherings to online formats. Be sure to revisit this page for updated information on upcoming events and online gatherings!

    Career Services | Website
    Pitzer Career Services will be operating fully and available to students.  This will include virtual events featuring employers, graduate programs, Pitzer alumni and family members, and others.  Regular workshops and a special career preparation series are being planned.  As always, individual career advising is highly encouraged to assist students in making a customized career action plan.  Students can view and register for events and schedule individual career advising appointments through Handshake. Incoming students will be provided with Handshake accounts in early to mid-August and will have full access to resources and opportunities. 

  • Financial Aid & Student Employment

    Financial Aid | Website

    The Office of Financial Aid is currently revising and reviewing** financial aid packages. For all financial aid recipients, the cost of attendance will reflect an at home budget. This budget includes the cost of tuition, an allowance for books and personal expenses, and support for living at home.

    Students who do not have housing options for the fall, or will be in a situation that makes remote learning extremely difficult, should reach out to TreasurersOffice@pitzer.edu to initiate a process to have their circumstances reviewed by the Office of Financial Aid, Student Affairs, Treasurer’s Office, and other partners. 

    Additional financial aid updates are available on the FAQ updates.

    **Students who have not received a financial aid package should review the Documents tab on their Student Portal and submit all outstanding materials as soon as possible to have their aid reviewed.

    7/21/20 Update:
    Due to high volume of students needing to be repackaged, students receiving need-based financial aid will be receiving their revised award package no later than July 24thWe are grateful that students continue to honor our community ethos of being “mindful of each other” especially during this time. Once you have reviewed your financial aid package, please reach out to Financial_Aid@pitzer.edu if you have questions or need further assistance. Financial aid refunds, if applicable, will be available in mid-September and distributed via Student Accounts. Please regularly monitor your student portal for information about missing documents from the Office of Financial Aid. Students who plan to return and have not completed their financial aid renewal should submit all remaining requirements as soon as possible 

    We have also partnered with faculty to help empower students with enhanced virtual financial literacy and budget management skills that will be available to you in the near future.

    Student Employment

    Federal Work-Study for the year has been reassessed and a portion has been replaced with Pitzer institutional grant aid for the fall semester. We are still anticipating work-study aid for spring at this time.

    Non-work study student employment will be limited for the fall. New positions will be posted through Handshake and students who have already been hired should expect to receive updates from their supervisor soon.

  • New Student Orientation

    New Student Orientation | Website
    Although orientation for new students will look different this year, we are planning to warmly welcome students to the Pitzer community and introduce them to the many resources at Pitzer and the Claremont Colleges – through our academic orientation program, campus life educational sessions, and online social events with other new students and Pitzer student leaders. And, despite not being able to offer our traditional on-campus New Student Orientation or Orientation Adventure programs this fall, we are planning on providing new students with opportunities to make meaningful connections with other Pitzer students.  

    All new students will be emailed more information about the online New Student Orientation schedule on Thursday July 16, 2020 to help you start planning for the upcoming academic processes. After July 16th, we will also be keeping the New Student Orientation website updated with the most accurate schedule and links to resources.  

  • International Student Support

    International Student Support
    The International Programs Office provides support for the Pitzer international community.  Please contact Director of International Programs, Todd Sasaki via email for assistance with visas and related immigration issues, as well as support with cultural and academic issues. Additional resources and information can be found on the International Programs office website and through International Place, a resource center for The Claremont Colleges, including Pitzer.

    International Place New International Student/Scholar Orientation (NISSO)
    New international students should be participating in NISSO. Please see the International Place Orientation website for schedule and more information.You can contact iplace@cmc.edu or Todd Sasaki for more information.

    What do I do about my I-20/visa status?
    RETURNING international students in active visa status (were enrolled in Spring 2020 and will be enrolled for Fall 2020):

    • For those of you INSIDE the US: You can stay in the US. You still must take a full load of courses (at least 3 course credits) to remain in F-1 status. If you take a leave of absence (gap semester or year) starting Fall 2020, you CANNOT stay in the US in F-1 status, and would have to get a new I-20 when you return from your leave of absence. You would also have to restart your OPT and CPT eligibility clock.
    • For those of you OUTSIDE the US: You can stay outside the US and maintain your F-1 status by taking a full load of courses (at least 3 course credits) online  If you take a leave of absence (gap semester of year) starting Fall 2020, you CANNOT maintain F-1 status, and would have to get a new I-20 when you return from your leave of absence.  You would also have to restart your OPT and CPT eligibility clock.

    NEW international students (first-years and transfers):

    • For those of you ALREADY INSIDE the US: You can stay in the US. You still must take a full load of courses (at least 3 course credits) to remain in status. If you take a leave of absence (gap semester or year) starting Fall 2020, you CANNOT stay in the US in F-1 status.
    • For those of you OUTSIDE the US: Unfortunately, you cannot enter the US in initial status to begin a fully online program.  Pitzer will defer your I-20 start date to begin in Spring 2021. You CAN still register and take online courses at Pitzer for Fall 2020 from outside the US though. If you choose to defer your PITZER start date (not register or take classes for Fall 2020) to Spring 2021 or Fall 2021, Pitzer will defer your I-20 start date to those dates.

    Do I need to get an updated I-20s?
    New international students outside of the US will need to get an updated I-20 with a Spring 2021 start date. These will be sent to you electronically in mid-August.  If you have a scheduled visa interview appointment, please contact me as soon as possible for more information.

    Returning students are not required to get an updated I-20. However, if you need an updated travel signature, please contact Todd Sasaki to have one sent to you.

    What happens immigration-wise if I take a Leave of Absence?
    If taking a leave of absence, your I-20 would be terminated. If currently in the US, would have to leave or switch to another status. When you return from leave, you would need to get a new I-20 with a new SEVIS number, and pay the I-901 fee of $350 again.

    Check with your local consulate/embassy on whether you will need to apply for a new F-1 visa if yours has not expired by the time you return from leave.

    Your OPT/CPT clock will restart when you return from leave. You need to be enrolled for an academic year before you can be authorized for OPT or CPT. Please contact Todd Sasaki if you are considered/are taking a leave of absence for Fall 2020.

    Do I need to take the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)?
    International students outside of the US for Fall 2020 can request to waive out of the Student Health Insurance Program (SHIP) for Fall and must provide proof of coverage in their international location. Email Katie Tewell if you wish to waive. If you are inside the US, you must either take SHIP or show proof of equivalent or better coverage from a US-based provider to waive.

    Can I work during Fall 2020?
    Only those international students in the US for the fall semester will be able to be employed by Pitzer during the fall. The same employment restrictions for F-1 students continue to apply: 20 hrs/week while classes are in session, and only “on-campus” jobs are allowed, which does include the other Claremont colleges and shared services. Please contact Todd Sasaki if you have questions about possible employment

    Can I get a Social Security Card?
    Local offices remain closed for walk-in appointments. You will need to call the local office closest to your current location to see if it will be possible to do an in-person appointment to apply for a social security number. Please note that an in-person appointment is not guaranteed to happen. Contact the Human Resources office of the college you are working for to ask about next steps if you are unable to apply for a social security number right away.