The Junior Year – Overview

Major Themes: Loss of, and preparation for, study abroad, leadership development and leadership roles, wellness, career exploration, life skills, social connections.

Highlighted initiatives and programs:

  • Study Abroad pre-orientation – preparing for navigating new cultures
  • Leading campus from the middle: leadership, social norming, bystander intervention as a Junior
  • Life Skills Workshops: living off-campus, navigating leases, budgeting while off-campus, cooking demonstrations.
  • Year 3 programming on Career Services’ 4-Year Action Plan

Junior Year Checklist

Educational Engagement

  • Explore Graduate School programs 
    • Note any dates for application and required materials.
    • Ask a faculty member you trust if they know of any great programs, or if they will serve as a letter of recommendation moving forward.
    • Look into GRE (or specific exams) testing dates, costs, methods, and locations near you.
    • Explore GRE (or specific exams) prep workbooks and best test-taking practices. Make a study and practice group.  
  • Study Abroad
    • Attend a Study Abroad info session or program.
    • Plan out what Pitzer SA programs and countries look the most interesting to you.

Individual Development

  • Career exploration 
    • Not sure about the first step out of college? Explore with this Career Interest Tool.
    • Pick a few job titles you are interested in and search them on O*net.
  • Explore what’s important to you 

Building Community 

  • Attend a Student Organization that you went to in your first year, reflect on how you’ve changed since. 
  • Practice gratitude in the community 
    • Write a friend a physical, e-card, or send them a thoughtful text. 
    • Tell a Senior the impact they’ve had on you, how you’d like to stay connected after they graduate. 
  • Election Preparation 

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Find a book to read for your own growth. Form a discussion group to follow up with/keep you on track. Some possibilities: 
    • How to be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi 
    • My Grandmother’s Hands by Resmaa Menakem 
    • White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard For White People To Talk About Racism? by Robin Diangelo 
  • Attend a program or event offered by the Identity Board or student organizations.  


Highlighted Initiatives and Programs

Fall 2021 Programming Overview: Declaring a Major (click the graphic for more)

Connect with your Junior Year Co-Curriculum Team – 2021-2022

We are here to support you throughout your Junior year at Pitzer! Send us an email if you would like to connect or need some questions answered. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Cairo Briceno, Residence Life
  • Lexi Lai, Campus Life
  • Cortlyn Raymond, Campus Life
  • Jill Hawthorne, Advancement
  • Josh Scacco, Residence Life
  • Miriam Merrill, PP Athletics
  • Tammy Muir, Career Services