Pitzer Co-Curriculum


As a result of participating in the living-learning community, Pitzer students will be personally and socially responsible, engaged in their communities and mindful of the future.


Building Community

By participating in the living-learning experience Pitzer students will invest in their community by building relationships, engaging in programming and being involved in the decision-making process. Students will actively build community and develop a sense of belonging at Pitzer.

  • Students will build impactful relationships with members of their community.
  • Students will be involved in the decision-making process for their community and provide suggestions for change.
  • Students will actively engage through group activities, social opportunities and leadership roles at The Claremont Colleges.

Educational Engagement

Pitzer students will engage with each other, staff and faculty in and outside of the classroom. By enhancing educational engagement within the living-learning community, students will cultivate an educational skillset that will support them throughout their lives.

  • Students will assess their educational needs and seek out appropriate supportive resources.
  • Students will deepen their knowledge and interests by engaging with faculty.
  • Students will articulate the educational benefits of participating in this living-learning experience.

Individual Development

Individual development is a process in which students develop a greater knowledge of personal identity, belief systems, interests and abilities. By participating in the living-learning experience, Pitzer students will identify their sense of purpose and reflect on their individual responsibility.

  • Students will develop interpersonal skills through interacting with others for their own individual growth.
  • Students will develop an understanding of how their personal values contribute to their sense of purpose.
  • Students will be able to advocate for a culture of care.


By participating in the living-learning experience, Pitzer students will develop practices that enable them to thrive through life’s challenges. While these efforts begin with the individual, their practice, as well as the opportunity for success, is a collective responsibility of the whole community.

  • Students will identify practices that promote safety, use of resources and contribute to success.
  • Students will reflect upon their actions and impacts on the wellness of the community.
  • Students will be able to advocate for a culture of care.

Diversity and Inclusion

In alignment with Pitzer’s values and educational objectives, students will be challenged to engage in ongoing learning about themselves and others. Students will in turn gain the skills necessary to navigate difference and move their understanding to action in our community and beyond.

  • Students will explore their own intersecting identities
  • Students will participate in thoughtful dialogue while navigating difference
  • Students will apply their interdisciplinary knowledge of cultural norms, biases, power, privilege, positionality and oppression to life

Co-Curriculum Guiding Documents and Resources

Divisional Commitment to Racial Justice Initiatives and Programs

We are committed as collaborative partners to the Presidential Initiative on Racial Justice and are actively working as a division to identity our priorities and commitments.

Specific initiatives and programs

All programs will be posted to the Pitzer College Events Calendar: https://www.pitzer.edu/events/