Resources and Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I acquire accommodations (reasonable adjustments in academic setting, housing, temporary  transportation) for a disability?

A: Student requesting accommodation due to a disability must register with Academic Support Services by submitting an online request and supporting documentation.

Supporting Documentation should include:

  • A specific diagnosis.
  • A description of how the diagnosis was reached, methods and procedures, test results and evaluation  of test results; relevant medical, family, psychosocial and educational history.
  • Licensure and experience of health care professional.
  • What and how any major life activities are limited by the impairment.
  • Functional impact(s)/limitation(s) on the student, particularly as it applies to the academic setting.
    • If relevant to the nature of the condition, the documentation should address the functional impact on the student living or dining within a community setting (i.e. campus housing and dining facilities).
  • (Optional) Recommended accommodations, along with rationale tied to functional impacts/limitations experienced by the student.

After submitting the online request and supporting documentation, you should schedule a meeting with Academic Support Services to establish reasonable accommodations.  In this initial meeting, we review and discuss your request and documentation, explore reasonable accommodations, resources and services. A notification of accommodations is drafted and upon student agreement the notification is delivered by email to course instructors. Students are encouraged to meet with each instructor to go over their accommodations. It is the student’s responsibility to initiate communication with their instructor about how their accommodations will be utilized for the course.

At the start of each semester Academic Support Services delivers an email prompt to returning students with accommodations. Students are requested to confirm when their class schedule has become finalized and the instructors to whom they would like their notification of accommodations to be delivered via email. Students must submit an online request for proctored exams, note takers, and transportation for temporary mobility issues.

Q: I am an International student, Domestic or International Exchange student, studying at Pitzer for one semester or longer.  How do I get accommodation for a disability?

A: International students who have a documented disability will follow the steps listed above in order to establish accommodations. Academic Support Services works in partnership with the Study Abroad and International Programs team to support students and help identify resources.

Q: How can Academic Support Services support my study abroad experience?

A: Planning to study abroad? CLICK HERE to view the Health & Wellness Study Abroad Orientation which includes some important things to consider and plan in advance. If you have accommodations at Pitzer we encourage you to meet with Academic Support Services early on to discuss your study abroad interests and accommodation needs. Together we can explore resources and services in your study abroad interests and the level of support offered by the international educational institutions.