Residence Hall Council (RHC)


The mission of RHC shall be to collaborate with Residence Life and campus organizations, implement engaging residential hall activities, and role model student representation, advocacy, and voice within the residence halls. RHC will serve as an entity that energizes community bonding, accountability, and support by fostering resident participation in hall improvements, events, dialogues, and community service.

Goals & Objectives:

  1. To offer activities and student engagement opportunities based on thoughtful student feedback and community needs.
  2. To work collectively with Residence Life staff to promote improvement of residence life experience and resources.
  3. To promote the embodiment of Pitzer Core values in the residence halls.
  4. Assist residential community in efforts to make best use of residential spaces and resources.

RHC is designed to promote student engagement in the residence halls as well as empower thoughtful and active student voice. Additionally, RHC functions as a platform to bridge gaps between students and residential resources. Any Pitzer student living within the residence halls can get involved with RHC.

RHC Positions:

  • President
    – Serves as the official representative and spokesperson for RHC and facilitates communications to Pitzer community of any changes, voting processes, etc.
    – The RHC President works closely with members to set meeting agendas and lead each meeting.
    – Attends Senate meetings to serve as RHC representative/liaison and communicates relevant senate notes and conversations to RHC.
  • Vice President
    – Takes on supporting role of RHC president, serving as official representative and spokesperson in the absence of RHC president.
    – Co-facilitates meetings and meeting agendas and other communications to team and community in collaboration with RHC president.
    – Attends Senate meetings on behalf of RHC president and communicates relevant senate notes and conversations to RHC.
  • Secretary
    – Serves as primary meeting minute note taker and is responsible for submitting official meeting minute notes to Pitzer students via the Student Senate minutes form, once approved by the RHC board members and advisor. This will ensure that the ongoing efforts, initiatives, and programming information is made available to students.
    – Responsible for maintaining updated digital and physical archives of RHC documents (event publicity, photos, etc.).
  • Treasurer
    – Manages budget tracking/expenses via an expense tracking form made available to all RHC members.
    – Works with RHC to approve or deny funding requests for special projects and resources in the residence halls.
    – Works with RHC Secretary to provide budget updates to community.
    – Attends Senate’s Student Initiative Funding board meetings to report RHC efforts and report relevant notes and conversations at RHC meetings to keep the RHC informed.
  • Hall Representatives
    – One elected from each residential area of campus: PAS, MEAD, WES, & CCA(optional)
    – Facilitate community outreach (via email and other creative platforms) and assist in sharing community ideas/concerns to the RHC.
    – These positions will ensure that equal representation from each residential building is reflected in the work of the RHC by surveying the community and reporting needs, suggestions, and highlights at RHC meetings.


Residence Hall Council Application APPLICATIONS ARE DUE SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 21ST AT 11:59 pm.
Interviews will take place between September 16th through September 20th.

Voting will take place between September 16th through September 18th.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Residence Hall Council Coordinator Tasmia Moosani at