April 29: Academic Affairs

Writing Center Fellows:
Nicki Aquino, Sanjana Bhatnagar, Cheyenne Brashear, Malaya Caligtan-Tran, Angel Feliz, Emily Lu Gao, Linda Huang, Josh Hui, Leo Kajfez, Talya Kaltman-Kron, Em Kuhn, Gus Lodise, Clara McGilly, Jessica Miao, Lina Moore, Dominique Morra, Elena Olivier, Mica Pachicano, Simone Paradis, Anais Rivero, Hezekiah Smithstein, & Natasha Wong

Nominated by Anonymous
The Pitzer Writing Center Fellows demonstrated flexibility, leadership, and care (for each other and the community) as they migrated writing support online this year. To date, they have already held ~1000 sessions with ~300 students on campus and students have collectively rated these sessions a 4.7 on a Likert scale of 5.0 for their helpfulness. In peer mentoring groups, they design writing workshops and initiatives for the campus community and reflect on and refine their practices as pedagogues in the center. Through the newly launched “Getting the Core” series, they have worked alongside student leaders of CAPAS and CEC to do the inner work of cultivating inclusive communities committed to actively re-imagining a more socially justice future. They have led workshops for incoming students with Admissions, facilitated research and assessment on the experiences of students in affinity groups with the Writing Center, and have shared their findings at the Southern California Writing Centers Association Tutoring Conference. They are astute listeners, making the writing process collaborative and engaged on campus. They also share what they learn with Writing Center leadership so that it can be used to inform faculty workshops and conversations about writing at Pitzer. Collectively, they do what no single person could do alone: provide individualized attention and support to writers on campus.

Michael Griggs

Nominated by Anonymous
For putting theory to practice in bridging support for students on the inside attending inside out courses. Michael utilizes his social justice and equity education to advocate in spaces that are critical to the mission and values of Pitzer College.

Kayla Mathurin

Nominated by Carlos Alvarez
Kayla, as a first year student, has jumped at opportunities with Student Senate, the Office of the Dean of Faculty and to support the academic endeavors of Pitzer College. As a student assistant in the Office of the Dean of Faculty, she has supported in areas of resource development, event coordination, Academic Affairs logistics support and more. Kayla is a fantastic member of the Pitzer student community and a growing contributor in the area of Academic Affairs despite the challenges of learning and growing in a remote work environment. Very proud of her work ethic, drive and determination to succeed at Pitzer.

CRC BA Cohort:
I would like to nominate all 8 of our inside BA students: Yusef Pierce, Freddy Cisneros, Damian Busby, Daniel Duron, Kenny Butler, Ron Britt, Jeremy Manning, & Reggie Bullock.

Nominated by Nigel Boyle
They have been academically stellar and super patient and helpful as we try to make the forts ever Inside Out BA program work. They are true pioneers, and will be illustrious Pitzer alumni in short order. Despite never having set foot on Pitzer’s campus they have embraced Pitzer’s values and mission better than any other group of students I can think of (and I’ve know a lot of great ones).