Tuition & Fees – 2020/21

Listed below is the basic budget for on-campus students for the 2020/21 academic year, which does not include the cost of travel to the campus. For more information about the cost of attendance and budget aids, visit the Cost of Attendance page on the Financial Aid website.

Tuition & Fee ChargesFall 2020*Spring 2021Year
Full-time Tuition (enrolled in 3 to 5 course credits)$27,867*$27,867*$55,734
Student Activity Fee$0*$0*$0
Total Tuition/Fees$27,867*$27,867*$55,734
Room ChargesFall 2020*Spring 2021*Year 
Universal Room Rate$0*$0*$0
Board ChargesFall 2020*Spring 2021*Year 
16 Meal Plan ($160 Flex Dollars)$0*$0*$0
12 Meal Plan ($120 Flex Dollars)$0*$0*$0
5 Meal Plan (No Flex Dollars/Off Campus Students & CCA residents only)$0*$0*$0
*Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 online
**Total Cost per Student = Total Tuition/Fees + Universal Room Rate + 16 Meal Plan Fee

Part-Time Tuition Charges (enrolled in less than 3 course credits)

2 3/4 courses $19,159
2 1/2 courses $17,417
2 1/4 courses $15,675
2 courses $13,934
1 3/4 courses $12,192
1 1/2 courses $10,450
1 1/4 courses $8,708
1 course $6,967
3/4 course $5,225
1/2 course $3,483
1/4 course $1,742

Course Overload Fee (enrolled in more than 5 course credits)

Students enrolled in more than five course credits after the last day to drop a course without a recorded grade are assessed a $220 course overload fee (per course).  Please consult the Academic Calendar for specific dates.

Study Abroad Costs

For students participating in study abroad, the cost is $37,276 per semester. The breakdown of charges is $27,867 for full-time tuition and a $9,409 Study Abroad Program Fee which is inclusive of the cost for an on-campus room, 16-meal plan and student activity fee. Students also make a contribution to the cost of the airfare ($600 for the 2020/21 academic year) and the College will cover the remainder of the airfare charges out of Los Angeles for the first semester of study abroad.

Financial aid for students who wish to participate in a Study Abroad program is granted only for programs sponsored by Pitzer College and approved by the Study Abroad Committee.

Other Fees

  • Vehicle registration fee; $75 per semester
  • Payment plan fee; $50 per semester (non-refundable & subject to change)
  • Payment plan late enrollment fee; $25 to $50
  • Returned item fee (Check or ACH); $25 first item/$35 additional items
  • Course/Lab fees (listed in the Course Schedule)
  • Redford Center ReSource Program fines
  • Student health services
  • Appeals/Petition fees
  • Housing fines
  • Re-keying charges
  • Parking citations
  • Private music lessons
  • Other miscellaneous fees