Tuition & Fees – 2021/22

Below are the standard charges made to each student for tuition, fees, and room and a meal plan for the 2021/22 academic year.

For more information about the cost of attendance and financial aid budgets, visit Cost of Attendance page on the Financial Aid website.

General Charges & Fees

Tuition & FeesSemesterYear
Tuition (full-time: enrolled in 3 to 5 courses)$28,843$57,686
Student Activity Fee$146$292

Residence Charges

Room & Meal Plan ChargesSemesterYear
Room Charges
Universal Room Rate$5,641$11,282
Meal Plan Charges
16 Meal Plan ($160 Flex Dollars)$3,949$7,898
12 Meal Plan ($120 Flex Dollars)$3,632$7,264
5 Meal Plan (No Flex Dollars/Off-Campus
Students & CCA Residents Only)
  • Part-Time Tuition Charges (enrolled in less than 3 courses)

    Students enrolled in less than 3 courses have their tuition charges pro-rated.

    2 3/4 courses $19,833
    2 1/2 courses $18,030
    2 1/4 courses $16,227
    2 courses $14,424
    1 3/4 courses $12,621
    1 1/2 courses $10,818
    1 1/4 courses $9,015
    1 course $7,212
    3/4 course $5,409
    1/2 course $3,606
    1/4 course $1,803
  • Other Fees

    Course Overload Fee (enrolled in more than 5 courses)

    Students enrolled in more than five courses after the last day to drop a course without a recorded grade are assessed a $220 course overload fee (per course). Please consult the Academic Calendar for specific dates.

    Other Fees

    • Vehicle registration fee; $75 per semester
    • Payment plan fee; $50 per semester (non-refundable & subject to change)
    • Payment plan late enrollment fee; $25 to $50
    • Returned item fee (Check or ACH); $25 first item/$35 additional items
    • Course/Lab fees (listed in the Course Schedule)
    • Redford Center ReSource Program fines
    • Student health services
    • Appeals/Petition fees
    • Housing fines
    • Re-keying charges
    • Parking citations
    • Private music lessons
    • Other miscellaneous fees
  • Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

    The cost of the Student Health Insurance Plan for the 2021-2022 academic year will be available later this year. For more information regarding SHIP, please visit: Student Health Insurance Plan.

    All enrolled Pitzer students (domestic and International) are required to have health insurance. Students are automatically enrolled in SHIP through Pitzer, but may waive out if they can provide proof of comparable coverage. The waiver site is typically available for the new academic year beginning in June. International students with proof of comparable coverage based in the United States need to contact Katie Tewell to inquire about waiving the health insurance plan.

    Please email the Executive Assistant to the VP for Student Affairs, Katie Tewell (, with any additional questions or concerns related to SHIP.

  • Refund Policies

    Students whose enrollment status changes from full-time (three or more course credits) to part-time (fewer than three course credits) during the first ten class days of the semester, will be refunded the full difference between the two costs. No adjustments will be made after the 10th day of the semester unless a student officially withdrawals from the College or takes a leave of absence.

    Official Withdrawal or Leave of Absence (LOA)

    Students who officially withdraw or take a leave of absence before the first day of classes are eligible for a 100% refund. Students who officially withdraw or take a leave of absence on or after the first day of classes during the semester may be eligible for a pro-rata refund, depending upon the time of the withdrawal or leave. Students must give written notification to the Registrar of their decision to withdraw or take a leave of absence and complete the withdrawal or leave of absence procedures in order to be eligible for any adjustment of charges.

    Tuition, room and meal plan charges, scholarships, grants and loans will be prorated based on the number of days a student is registered at Pitzer College, up to the sixty percent point of the semester, according to the schedule below.

    FALL 2021
    Withdrawal/LOA Date  Refund/Financial Aid Adjustment Percentage
    11/3/2021 Pro-rated percentage up to 60% of the calendar days in the term
    11/4/2021 No refund beyond 60% of the calendar days in the term
    SPRING 2022
    Withdrawal/LOA Date  Refund/Financial Aid Adjustment Percentage
    3/28/2022 Pro-rated percentage up to 60% of the calendar days in the term
    3/29/2022 No refund beyond 60% of the calendar days in the term

    It is recommended that students consult with Pitzer College’s Student Accounts Office and Financial Aid Office (if receiving financial aid) prior to withdrawing or taking a leave of absence.

    Note: If a student has already received a credit balance refund from Pitzer College before withdrawal or LOA, the refund calculation may require the student to reimburse Pitzer College for all or part of the original credit balance refund.