Strategic Plan Implementation Summary

Pitzer’s five-year strategic plan was approved by College Council and the Board of Trustees in the spring of 2019. The Committee for Strategic Plan Implementation (CSPI) convened in the fall and met regularly this academic year to discuss, collect, and organize information regarding proposed implementation activities in support of the strategic plan. There are currently 160 activities suggested for implementation that are recorded in a spreadsheet administered by the CSPI.

This document is intended to summarize the myriad proposed implementation initiatives in a more readable and digestible format than the spreadsheet (which contains more than 2200 fields of information). The items in this summary may be either standalone actions or themes that encompass many related activities. All of them are in alignment with at least one of the goals and objectives in the strategic plan, and several of them support multiple objectives. This is a working draft that will be modified as feedback is provided and additional information emerges.

Please submit all feedback regarding this document to: [email protected]