Immigration Civil Rights Fund

Pitzer College’s Immigration Civil Rights Fund is a reaffirmation of our core values of social justice and intercultural understanding and demonstrates our resolute commitment to our students whose civil rights may be negatively impacted by US policies regarding immigration and deportation.

The Immigration Civil Rights Fund will assist potentially vulnerable students with continuing access to a Pitzer College education with confidence and without impediment. This fund will be used to defray costs imposed on our students by legislation that targets people based on their immigration status. It will also provide support to students by offering resources for endeavors such as, but not limited to, career-developing internships, financial aid needs, and academic research projects.

This fund reinforces Pitzer’s status as a sanctuary College, and our commitment to support our students, regardless of their present immigration status, in a spirit of compassion and solidarity.

With your gift to the Immigration Civil Rights Fund,
you acknowledge that you stand with Pitzer College in its
commitment to protecting justice and civil rights for our students.

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