Graduation Information

Graduation Options

In addition to the standard spring term graduation in May, Pitzer College offers the opportunity to graduate two other times each year:

Fall – typically finalized in late September/early October (last semester of enrollment would be summer)

Winter – typically finalized in late February/early March (last semester of enrollment would be fall).  

Note: There is only one commencement ceremony, held in May, in which graduates from the previous fall and winter may also participate.

Graduation Application

Graduating Seniors: Please complete the Graduation application here. This form will ask you to confirm your information and let us know how you’d like your name on your diploma.  You will also be presented with the option to record your name pronunciation if you’ve not yet submitted a recording.

Commencement Information 

Policy. Pitzer College has one graduation ceremony each year; the 2023 Commencement Ceremony will take place Saturday, May 13, 2023, after the end of final examinations. Commencement is a degree-granting ceremony in which diplomas are conferred and in which only those students who have fully completed the College’s graduation requirements since the last ceremony are allowed to participate. Diplomas are only printed once per year in May and are issued during the commencement ceremony (or mailed for those not able to attend). Students can participate in only one Pitzer College commencement ceremony. The current policy can be found here.

2023 Exception. The Faculty Executive Committee (FEC) has approved a participation exception for the 2023 ceremony. Specifically, students who will be within one credit of fully completing all College and major(s) graduation requirements by the end of spring semester 2023, as determined by the Registrar’s Office, will be allowed to participate in commencement. All students who wish to participate in commencement 2023 must complete the Intent to Participate form by April 3, 2023. Participation in commencement is not evidence of degree completion; degrees are conferred only after students successfully complete all requirements.

Petitions. Students can petition to participate in commencement according to the current Pitzer College commencement policy. FEC has deliberated and decided that, in line with the approved policy, it will only consider petitions from students who are making progress toward fully completing all College and major(s) graduation requirements by the end of spring semester 2023 and for whom extraordinary and unforeseen circumstances during the current semester prevent them from completing their degree. Students whose participation petitions are approved will have their degrees conferred at a later date and only after they have fully completed all College requirements.

FEC will consider submitted student petitions for participation in the 2023 Commencement Ceremony based on all of the following, which should be addressed in submitted petitions:
1. Extraordinary and Unforeseen Circumstances: Students must be making progress toward fully completing all College and major(s) graduation requirements by the end of the Spring semester 2023. The extraordinary and unforeseen circumstances that disrupt this progress must be described and should have occurred in the current semester.
2. Plan for Completing Degree Requirements: The petition must describe the student’s plan for completing their degree requirements in a timely manner, such as how and when they expect to finish requirements or successfully resolve Incomplete grades that are received.
3. Support of the Academic Advisor(s) and Office of Student Affairs:The student’s Academic Advisor(s), must be able to substantiate the student’s petition and their capacity to complete the degree requirements as planned. The Office of Student Affairs also will be consulted about remaining requirements, student plans, and relevant supports for degree completion.

Henceforth, the commencement program will include the following statement: 

“Inclusion of a name in this program does not serve as verification that the person named has completed a degree from Pitzer College. Some candidates for the degree are expected to complete graduation requirements in the near future. Diplomas are awarded upon certified completion of all degree requirements.”  

Please refer to the Commencement website for further details about the Commencement ceremony and diplomas.

Diploma Information

Diplomas are printed for Fall and Winter graduates after their degrees have been conferred and then mailed to graduates’ permanent addresses as listed in their student record. Spring graduates will receive their diplomas as they cross the stage at Commencement. If a Spring graduate will not be participating in Commencement, the diploma will be mailed to the permanent address that the Registrar’s office has on file.

Duplicate Diplomas

There is a $20.00 fee for a duplicate diploma.  The duplicate diploma will have the current Board Chair and President signatures on it. To request a duplicate diploma, please email the Office of the Registrar at: [email protected]. 

If you have any questions, please email the Office of the Registrar at [email protected]

Final Pitzer College Transcript

Information about unofficial and official transcripts is available on the Registrar’s Office transcript webpage.

Reference File

A reference file, maintained in the Office of the Registrar, contains confidential letters of recommendation for you from faculty and staff selected by you that may be sent, upon your written request, to prospective graduate schools and/or employers. To establish a reference file and obtain recommendation forms, contact the Office of the Registrar at [email protected] or reach us by phone at 909.607.2650

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