Conservancy Student Fellows

A Warm Welcome from the Redford Conservancy’s Student Fellows

Redford Conservancy student fellows

We are a diverse and passionate team of Pitzer students who are committed to collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches to environmental sustainability, the longevity of Southern California’s natural environment, and the well-being of its peoples. We envision the Redford Conservancy as an inclusive and innovative space that inspires folks from a variety of academic backgrounds, and from all walks of life. Over the course of the year, we look forward to engaging you in Conservancy-related events, sharing information about internship and research opportunities, and including you in planning for the Redford Conservancy’s eventual home next to the Bernard Field Station.


Carly Dennis, Class of 2022, grew up in Anchorage, Alaska, and is in love with her home state. She thrives on salmon, sea asparagus, and black cod tips. She is sustained by snorkelling in icy Alaskan waters and foraging for fall blueberries in the tundra. For the past two summers, she’s worked for the Sitka Conservation Society in the small island town of Sitka, Alaska. She’s also worked on salmon habitat campaigns with the Alaska Center, and is a proud alumna of Alaska Youth for Environmental Action. Her connection to place drives her passion and her work at Pitzer. At school, Carly loves to explore the San Bernardino mountains and talk about land use.

Cole Maizel, Pitzer Class of 2021, is double majoring in Economics and Environmental Policy. He is interested in the intersection of business, technology, and sustainability as a means of maximizing long term economic and societal value. As a Conservancy Fellow, he is eager to use previous community engagement experiences to develop environmental justice programming, unifying students from the Consortium and residents of Southern California. On campus, he has participated in the Leadership in Environmental Education Partnership (LEEP) for two years and is also a member of the Robert Day Scholars Program through Claremont McKenna, where he takes coursework in accounting, finance, and leadership.

Emily Ng '20

Emily Ng, Pitzer Class of 2020, is from South Pasadena, California double majoring in Environmental Analysis and Sociology. At Pitzer, she is a member of EcoCenter and Asian Pacific American Coalition (APAC). Emily found her passion for the environment in high school through her involvement within the community on the South Pasadena Natural Resources and Environmental Commission and as an intern at South Coast Air Quality Management District. She is excited to work with the Conservancy in hopes of working with environmental justice communities and empowering Asian American and minority communities to represent the conservation field.

Emma Barker '21

Emma Barker, Pitzer Class of 2021, is from Seattle, WA. She is majoring in Environmental Analysis: Sustainability and the Built Environment, and minoring in Spanish. She is interested in how the issues of urban planning, sustainability, and gentrification coalesce in cities around the world. At Pitzer she is involved in the student club A Cleaner Tomorrow, and she also participates in Designing Urban Spaces, a 5C club. Emma works as a tour guide at Pitzer’s Office of Admissions and at a local bubble tea shop. She is very excited to join the Robert Redford Conservancy Fellows and put forth some great sustainability initiatives in addition to engaging with both the Pitzer and San Gabriel Valley communities!

Graham Brady '21

Graham Brady, Pitzer Class of 2021, is majoring in the Environmental Analysis sustainability track. Aside from being a Conservancy Fellow, he plays tenor saxophone in the Pomona College Jazz Ensemble and works in Pitzer’s Office of Communications, where he designs posters, takes and edits photos, and jokes around with the staff. When not in rehearsal or at work, you can find him engaging with the Conservancy through LEEP, a community partnership that brings local elementary school students to the Bernard Field Station to learn about local ecology and sustainability, global environmental issues like climate change, and environmental justice. On the weekends, he hosts a jazz radio show at KSPC Claremont, plays bike polo, and ventures to Mount Baldy to watch the sunset.

Jackie Roland, Pitzer Class of 2020, is majoring in Organizational Analysis, with interests in environmental analysis and media studies. Jackie is excited to work with the other Fellows to continue to foster connection between the Conservancy with all corners of the 5C community, and with local Southern California residents, to grow the Conservancy as a space which emphasizes community and raises awareness of local and global environmental justice issues. Jackie has previously worked with a startup focused on supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals and making sustainable living more accessible. On campus, she is a member of the Pomona-Pitzer volleyball team, and has worked with the Pitzer Office of Admissions, tutored local elementary students with the Claremont Afterschool Program (and part-time baked for the Motley!). She is happiest when laying barefoot on Pitzer’s mounds, sitting on the Grovehouse porch, picking oranges from the grove, and soaking in a sunset in the Claremont hills.

Malaya Caligtan-Tran, Pitzer Class of 2022, grew up in Honolulu, Hawai’i. She’s pursuing a self-designed major incorporating land-based healing, indigenous knowledge, and public health. From a young age, she has spent her time at Ho’oulu ‘Āina, a nature preserve and health center part of Kōkua Kalihi Valley focused on integrating land and community wellness. She has also spent time with Igorot land defenders in Kalinga in the Cordillera of the Philippines. Malaya hopes to continue upholding the protection of ancestral domain as a pathway for umili (community) wellbeing and connection as her Kankana-ey, Aplai ancestors have done. In the future, she hopes to stand alongside land defenders and protect indigenous management and restoration of sacred land. Through the Redford Conservancy, she looks forward to supporting relationship building to the land and strengthening reciprocal and sustainable relationships with the Tongva community.


Mariah Jenkins '19

Mariah Jenkins, Pitzer Class of 2020, grew up in San Francisco, California. She is majoring in Geology with a minor in Environmental analysis. She has participated in informal science education as a former Careers in Science Intern at the California Academy of Science and teaches science to elementary students as a Tree Frog Treks naturalist during the summer. It is through these experiences that she has developed a passion for sustaining the natural world. As a fellow, she hopes to approach issues of environmental justice, and sustainability from a scientific framework and to have a positive contribution to the Pitzer community and beyond.

Nicole Pozzo, Pitzer Class of 2022, is from Atlanta, GA. While she hasn’t yet declared, she anticipates a double major in Environmental Analysis and Public Health. She is passionate about supporting food justice and sustainable food systems; in her free time, you can find her browsing the stalls of farmers markets or working alongside urban farmers and community gardeners to alleviate food insecurity and promote self agency and community health. At Pitzer, she is involved with the Food Recovery Network, Office of Sustainability Initiatives and serves as an Advancement Ambassador. As a Conservancy Fellow, she is looking forward to promoting conversations about and leveraging solutions for food waste and equity across campus and within the wider community.

Ralph Gustavo Zamora, Pitzer Class of 2021, is a FLI (First-Gen, Low-Income) Xicano from Watts-Los Angeles, California. Currently he’s looking to graduate as an Environmental Analysis major, while also following his love & passion for music. Specifically, he is interested in environmental justice and how communities of color are disproportionately affected by environmental issues. Zamora strongly believes that one cannot stand up for Earth without also standing up for the Black & Brown bodies who’ve been affected negatively by environmental politics. He hopes to collaborate with other Robert Redford Conservancy Fellows who share the same vision to construct change within an affected community.

Sama Atmashakti Ananda, Pitzer Class of 2020, grew up in Spokane, Washington running, skiing, and hiking. He is majoring in Environmental Analysis with a focus in Environmental Justice. At Pitzer he is a member of EcoCenter as well as Pitzer Outdoor Adventures (POA). Sama has a deep seeded passion for outdoor spaces, and wants to spend his time making those spaces more accessible to excluded communities. He believes strongly in the healing nature of being outside and wants to help facilitate that relationship for people in their own way. As a Robert Redford Conservancy fellow he is looking forward to creating and supporting new efforts and initiatives to strengthen and rebuild the relationship of the student body and the Claremont community to the land that we all inhabit.

Sandra Sublette '21

Sandra Sublette, Pitzer Class of 2021, is studying Environmental Analysis. She is also interested in gender studies, religious studies, and sustainable design! She loves writing, reading, watercolor, and hiking in beautiful places. At Pitzer, she is involved in EcoCenter and the Food Recovery Network.  Her favorite places on the 5Cs include the Pomona farm, sitting beneath the trees on Pitzer’s mounds, and she loves picking kumquats from Pitzer’s trees. She is excited to create art and projects with the Redford Conservancy, taking inspiration from natural designs. In the future, she will be working at a farm and wilderness camp for the summer and looks forward to exploring ways to ignite power and hope in children, in outdoor settings.

Thomas Martinez, Pitzer Class of 2022, anticipates majoring in Philosophy, Politics, & Economics (PPE) and Environmental Analysis. Thomas is from Orange County, CA, and spends a majority of his time exploring the local landscape. At Pitzer, he spends his time managing the Shakedown Cafe. As Robert Redford Fellow, he aims to blend his passion for the environment with his enthusiasm about food. Thomas believes that he can utilize food education as a means of garnering interest in environmental activism across the 5C’s.

Victoria Ramirez '20

Victoria Ramirez, Pitzer Class of 2020, is double majoring in Environmental Policy and Chican@/Latin@ Studies. To Victoria, home is Pomona, CA where she discovered her interest in the environment after learning about the different environmental injustices occurring within her community. Noticing the multiple waste and recycling centers during a Toxic Tour throughout her city, she began questioning the impact that these sites had on the residents health and livelihoods. Her home experiences have sculpted her to be passionate about working towards alleviating the environmental burdens that low-income communities and communities of color face through education and outreach. She believes the Redford Conservancy provides her with a great opportunity to further develop the relationship she has with her community, as well as other surrounding communities who face similar experiences.

Carly Dennis, Class of 2022, grew up in Anchorage, Alaska, and is in love with her home state. She thrives on salmon, sea asparagus, and black cod tips. She is sustained by snorkeling in icy Alaskan waters and foraging for fall blueberries in the tundra. For the past two summers, she’s worked for the Sitka Conservation Society in the small island town of Sitka, Alaska. She’s also worked on salmon habitat campaigns with the Alaska Center, and is a proud alumna of Alaska Youth for Environmental Action. Her connection to place drives her passion and her work at Pitzer. At school, Carly loves to explore the San Bernardino mountains and talk about land use.
Wilfrido Batista '21

Wilfrido Batista​, Pitzer Class of 2021, is born and raised in Harlem, New York. He is currently studying ​Environmental Science. He is interested in the environmental issues plaguing low-income communities in New York City and across the globe. Hoping to find commonality between these issues and set collaboration across disciplines to better address them. He has worked in Lower East Side communities to create public art projects in spaces that were devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Wilfrido is currently passionate in finding a solution for environmental toxicity issues in an urban setting using STEM. He is grateful to be part of the conservancy group with like-minded peers that want to make a change in environmental inequity in Pitzer and beyond.