Conservancy Student Fellows

Anthony Shing ’24 

Anthony (he/him), is studying Environmental Science and minoring in Spanish. He is passionate about people based science systems that combine technical solutions with community solidarity to develop regenerative frameworks that can serve both people and the environment. Through his work in multiple environmental and social justice organizations on campus, he seeks to create intersectional coalitions that can coalesce to combat climate change apathy and bring people into the broader environmental movement. 

Celia Malone ’24

 Celia (she/they) is a junior from San Francisco, California. She is currently pursuing a self-designed major in environmental analysis, design, and sociology, and is passionate about the intersection between environmental policy and land-rights issues. Celia is also an avid lover of the outdoors, and one day hopes to hike from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail!

Dominic Arzadon

Dominica (he/they) is a senior double majoring in Environmental Analysis and Critical Global Studies and minoring in Asian American Studies. Dominic is passionate about environmental stewardship and natural resource management, especially for coastal and island communities. He is interested in environmental justice, regenerative agriculture and food production, and restoring ecocultural relationships to land and place. 

Michaela Jones ’04

Michaela is majoring in Environmental Analysis and American Studies. From Maryland, she enjoys swimming, scuba diving, and exploring new trails with her dog Ollie. She is also an avid runner, and loves to explore the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains with her Pomona-Pitzer cross country and track teammates. Her concern for environmental issues began while attending elementary school on a farm in Vermont.

Tomas Martinez ’23

Tomás is an environmental analysis and economics student, graduating in December 2022. He is passionate about food systems-based sustainability initiatives which have fueled his work at the RRC. Outside of his studies and time at the conservancy, he identifies as a cook and creative. You will either be able to find him in the kitchen testing new recipes or exploring sustainable urban design concepts. At the RRC, he is currently tackling the creation of agricultural mitigation prevention policy for the IER.

Tommy Shenoi ’24

Tommy is an Environmental Analysis and Food Studies major at Pitzer College. In pursuing his passion for exploring the intersection of food, ecology, and art, he has engaged with community members through butterfly releases, planting workshops, and local food justice initiatives. As a head fellow, Tommy is spearheading the Conservancy’s effort to pair mycology – the study of mushrooms and fungi – with environmental justice and sustainability through innovative projects like myco-remediation, mushroom cultivation, and native fungi species conservation.

Sarah Snyder

Sarah, (she/her) is a junior at Pitzer double-majoring in Environmental Analysis and Organizational Studies. Originally from Brookline, MA, Sarah is interested in how grassroots organizing and environmental policy can intersect to improve community health in the Inland Empire.

Xitlaly Franquez ’23

Xitlaly is a senior at Pitzer College where she is studying environmental science and Latinx studies. She is interested in promoting sustainable, just futures for historically minoritized communities.

Are a diverse and passionate team of Pitzer Students who are committed to collaborative and conduct interdisciplinary approaches to environmental sustainability, the longevity of Southern California’s natural environment, and the well-being of its people.


Sophie Arens

Dominic Arzadon

Xitlaly Franquez

Kristin Gabriel

Michaela Jones

Nathan Lu

Cece Malone

Thomas Martinez

Ella Meyer

Calli ONeal

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Tommy Shenoi

Dahlia Zail