Conservancy Fellows

We are a diverse and passionate team of Pitzer Student Fellows who are committed to collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches to environmental sustainability, the longevity of Southern California’s natural environment, and the well-being of its peoples.

Emma Barker, Class of 2021, is from Seattle, WA. Majoring in Environmental Analysis and minoring in Spanish, Emma is interested in how the issues of urban planning, sustainability, and gentrification coalesce in cities around the world. 

Wilfrido Batista

Wilfrido Batista, pronouns (they, them, theirs), Class of 2021, is studying a major in Public Health and minor in Environmental Analysis. Born and raised in Harlem, they advocate for environmental injustice communities back home in the Upper Manhattan area. Wilfrido hopes to bring their passion for environmental justice and herbalism to better address mutual aid initiatives needed in their community.

Graham Brady, Class of 2021, is majoring in Environmental Analysis. Graham plays tenor saxophone in the Pomona College Jazz Ensemble and works in Pitzer’s Office of Communications. On the weekends, he hosts a jazz radio show at KSPC Claremont, plays bike polo, and ventures to Mt. Baldy to watch the sunset. 

Malaya Caligtan-Tran

Malaya Caligtan-Tran, Class of 2022, grew up in Honolulu, Hawai’i. She’s pursuing a self-designed major incorporating land-based healing, indigenous knowledge, and public health. Malaya hopes to continue upholding the protection of ancestral domain as a pathway for umili (community) wellbeing and connection as her Kankana-ey, Aplai ancestors have done.

Lily Fillwalk

Lily Fillwalk, Class of 2022, is double majoring in Environmental Science and Studio Art. Lily is from Muncie, Indiana, and was originally inspired to study environmental issues, specifically food justice, when her hometown became a food desert. Lily hopes to pursue a career in Environmental Law to promote sustainability in a political setting. 

Thomas Martinez, Class of 2022, anticipates majoring in Philosophy, Politics, & Economics (PPE) and Environmental Analysis. Thomas is from Orange County, CA, and spends a majority of his time exploring the local landscape. Thomas believes that he can utilize food education as a means of garnering interest in environmental activism across the 5C’s.

Callie Radecki

Callie Radecki, Class of 2022, is from Silver Spring, MD. She is double majoring in Environmental Analysis and American Studies and is interested in environmental justice issues. In her free time at Pitzer, she enjoys going on hikes and exploring the surrounding area. She believes that through grassroots mobilization, we can address the negative effects of climate change on marginalized communities.

Sandra Sublette, Class of 2021, is studying Environmental Analysis. She is also interested in gender studies, religious studies, and sustainable design! She loves writing, reading, watercolor, and hiking in beautiful places. Her favorite places on the 5Cs include the Pomona farm, sitting beneath the trees on Pitzer’s Mounds, and she loves picking kumquats from Pitzer’s trees. 

Yaquana Williams

Yaquana Williams. My pronouns are she/her/. I am from New Jersey, where I farmed at urban gardens in Newark for two years. I am now a senior year student majoring in Africana Studies. I focus on global resistance strategies utilized by people of African descent. Specifically, I am interested in the practice of Black radical farming as active resistance against food apartheid and how it creates spaces for Black people to imagine new sustainable futures for ourselves.