Accessing Spaces at the Redford Conservancy

There are a variety of Teaching Spaces at the Robert Redford Conservancy for Southern California Sustainability available for classes.

You may request your preference to teach a class  at the Conservancy when filling out room request preferences with the Pitzer College Registrar. The Conservancy space can not currently be reserved via the online room reservation system.

Please note that using the Conservancy facility does not give you automatic access to the Bernard Field Station (BFS).  Everyone who plans to use the BFS will need to fill out a separate use request using this link:


The Bernard Field Station (BFS) and Robert Redford Conservancy (RRC) together comprise a unique research site and educational facility in a fragile and sensitive environment, where numerous ongoing research projects are underway.

This is not a recreational park or typical extension of the main campuses of the Claremont Colleges. Please respect the facility and the habitat by adhering to the following expectations.

PEDESTRIAN ACCESS: To use the Bernard Field Station (BFS), Conservancy, or North Campus Properties you must have received advance approval from the BFS Director, Conservancy Director, or Pitzer College Facilities. Please refer to the BFS and Conservancy websites for more information on permission for use/entry.

If you are not a student or employee of the Claremont Colleges, you must sign a waiver of liability in order to use the site.

ENTRY & EXIT: Please sign in and out when using the Foothill Gate. Always lock the gate behind you. Inform yourself of the other exit points in case of an emergency. There is a map on the kiosk.

VEHICLE ACCESS: Vehicle access is limited to disability service, facilities, and transportation of heavy equipment and must be arranged in advance. Vehicle access to the Conservancy is via the gate at Lowell Avenue (at Blaisdell) and vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas.

NO SMOKING: Smoking and fires of any kind are prohibited without exception, at all times, on every part of the site.

BIKES are allowed at the site. Bikes can be locked at the rack at the Foothill Boulevard entry or by the Conservancy building. Do not lock bikes to gate. They will be removed.

NO RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES (i.e. running, jogging, bicycling, no pets, etc.)

Stay on marked roads and paths whenever possible, and be very careful to step around, not on top of vegetation. Marking flags indicate research projects that should not be disrupted or interfered with.

Pick up after yourself. The site aims to be zero waste and you are responsible for litter and taking back with you any general waste you bring onto the site and into the facility.

Restrooms are available outside in the rear of the Conservancy building. Please be mindful of keeping bathrooms and the general area clean, as there is not daily maintenance at the site.

Act in a way that is thoughtful and considerate so as to have minimal impact on the site and its surroundings.

You are now a steward of this site and facility – please help all visitors to respect the rules and principles stated above.

Teaching Spaces at the Robert Redford Conservancy for Southern California Sustainability


Name of room/space/Room # Seating capacity Details/description
Seminar room (main floor)

Room #117

12 Seminar table and chairs. Display screen and computer hook up. 2 blackboards.
Science/ecology classroom (main floor)

Room #106

45 Lab height tables with casters and swivel chairs on casters. All furniture can be re-arranged to accommodate different spatial layouts. Projector, screen, computer hook up, podium. Multiple sinks and storage cabinets. White board.
Downstairs classroom

Room # B-105

40 Modular tables on casters, chairs on casters. Furniture can be re-arranged to accommodate different spatial layouts. 2 display screens, computer hook up, podium. 2 blackboards.
Downstairs project room

Room #B-102

8 Lab height tables on casters, swivel chairs on casters. White board. Sink and counter space. Cabinets.


Name of room/space  

Seating capacity

South Outdoor Classroom

(Managed by BFS Director, Marty Meyer, for 5C science faculty )

59 Lab height tables, lab height stools. 3 glass dry erase boards. Sink. Lighting, multiple outlets.
North Outdoor Classroom

(Pitzer managed space)

59 Lab height tables, lab height stools. 3 glass dry erase boards. Sink. Lighting, multiple outlets.
Oak Gathering Circle 35 Cedar log seating, shaded area
East Field Gathering Circle 55 Redwood log seating, no shade