Founded in 2012 and named in honor of Robert Redford’s commitment to environmental advocacy and former service on the Pitzer College Board of Trustees, the Robert Redford Conservancy for Southern California Sustainability at Pitzer College aims to increase socio-ecological justice and sustainability in our surrounding communities and beyond. Through collaborative strategies and practices that recognize we are part of multiple and interconnected systems (ecological, human, political, economic and cultural), we create experiences that: 

  • Educate and cultivate environmental scholars and stewards
  • Integrate and support Indigenous knowledge and practices into programming and curriculum 
  • Elevate the diverse face of environmental movements, leaders, and issues 
  • Foster collaboration and leadership for socio-ecological justice and sustainability 
  • Build capacity and solutions to Southern California’s greatest environmental challenges

The Space

Map of the conservancy grounds
Interactive Map of the Robert Redford Conservancy for Southern California Sustainability

Architectural Photos of the Robert Redford Conservancy

In addition to offices, classrooms, meeting spaces, and an art studio, the Redford Conservancy is home to 2 outdoor classrooms whose solar arrays power the entire facility, patios surrounded by white sage and other native plants, and two distinctive convening circles. Native vegetation is found throughout the site, and Indigenous elders helped actively plan many of the outdoor spaces, which now serve as a gathering place for seasonal celebrations and cultural revival and education.