Student Activism, Research and Art Projects


In the fall of 2021, the Racial Justice Initiative will sponsor student-teams engaged in activism, research or art projects. Keep an eye out for a workshop early in the semester where students, staff and faculty will gather to reimagine Pitzer college and engage in radical transformation. We hope these conversations inspire ideas and collaborative action. RJI will fund 10 student-led teams to enact radical change at Pitzer college.

Student Initiatives

Student Opportunities

Manifesto: Eight-Minutes and Forty-Five Seconds (Pitzer College Art Galleries):
A collaboration between Pitzer College Art Galleries, Pitzer’s Writing Center, and President Oliver’s Pitzer-wide racial justice initiative, invites students, faculty, and staff to participate in a collective project to create manifestos. The numerical title of this project references and remembers the last brutal eight-minutes and forty-six seconds of George Floyd’s life, the Black man brutally killed by a White Minneapolis police officer on May 29, 2020. More expansively, Eight-Minutes and Forty-Six Seconds addresses not only systemic racism and police brutality, but the ingrained inequality that persists in our judicial, educational, and economic systems that institutionally subjugate Black, Indigenous, and all Peoples of Color (BIPOC), perpetuating a legacy of inequality. Yet these declarations will respond not only to critical issues of the racial, social, and gender biases of the present, but suggest new ways of reimagining the world towards a more emancipatory and equitable future. The time for speaking out is now. Whatever part of the country or world that you are inhabiting this semester, join the call and embolden your voice by creating a manifesto in response to this call for justice and equality.
For more information and to participate, please visit:


Continuing acts of racialized violence and the mobilization efforts by the Black Lives Matter movement and its allies to fight for racial justice provide an important backdrop for students, faculty, and administrators to analyze this unique moment in time. President Melvin Oliver’s Racial Justice Initiative (RJI) seeks to embed the study of racial violence and justice throughout our campus and curriculum.

To support fruitful discussion, analysis and activism, we are pleased to announce funding in support of student art, music, performance, community engagement, organizing, and thesis research that align with the RJI mission.  Students whose current/ongoing projects focus on racial justice–for example, the Black diaspora, criminalization, racial bias, anti-racism, racialized violence, policing, police violence, abolition, and social movements, among others–are encouraged to apply.  Successful applicants will receive stipends of $500 for fall 2020.

Preference will be given to proposals that clearly indicate how the work produced will be shared with, create dialog among, and/or offer opportunities for collaboration across the Pitzer community.

To apply for an RJI Student Award please fill out the funding proposal and email to: The deadline (to be announced).