Students of color and the judicial process

Students of color feel targeted in College judicial processes.

The Student Demand Letter demands that the College:

  1. hold “Campus Safety and other officials accountable for racial profiling and criminalization of people of color on our campuses”
  2. “hire an outside professional to handle all judiciary and Title IX cases”
  3. dismantle the College Judicial Council

Possible Solutions

Gather data to determine if certain demographic groups are entering the judicial process in higher numbers.

  1. Interim Pres. will speak with CUC CEO and Director of Campus Safety
  2. Explore this possibility and its cost.
  3. Faculty have discussed reviewing and changing the process. On Dec. 11, FEC voted to appoint a committee to evaluate the College Judicial Council process. This committee has now been formed.

Point Person(s)

Vice President for the Office of Student Affairs / Student Affairs / Others

  1. Interim President, CUC CEO, Director of Campus Safety
  2. FEC / Student Affairs
  3. FEC / Student Affairs / ad hoc Judicial Council Review Committee


  1. in progress
  2. in progress
  3. in progress