Dear Pitzer College Community:

As you are all well aware, the Russian government has launched a brutal invasion against the free and independent nation of Ukraine. This attack includes massive air and missile strikes that are killing innocent people in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mariupol, and other Ukrainian cities and towns. The death toll continues to mount.  Critical civilian infrastructure — including homes, hospitals, and schools — has been destroyed. The human suffering has been immense.

This invasion has been justified by a large-scale disinformation campaign and by new laws that imperil Russian citizens for sharing information that runs counter to the Russian government’s official narrative. Reporters in Russia can now be persecuted for using the words “war” or “invasion” instead of the government-approved term “special operation.”

On behalf of Pitzer College, we condemn this unprovoked violence and aggression. This war on Ukraine is an attack on freedom and free thought. We affirm Ukraine’s territorial integrity and its right to self-determination. 

Our hearts go out to Ukrainian citizens and members of the Pitzer College community impacted by this war. Staff in the Pitzer Study Abroad and International Programs have reached out to international students on our campus and to our students studying in Europe to offer support, information, and guidance. The Office of Student Affairs has partnered in these efforts and is available to provide additional support for students. Moreover, there are numerous resources and programs around the consortium that can be accessed for support and deeper understanding of this war. Finally, we salute the Pitzer International Student Association and Campus Life for partnering to sponsor a candlelight vigil for Ukraine.

Pitzer College is committed to producing engaged, socially responsible citizens of the world through an academically rigorous, interdisciplinary liberal arts education emphasizing social justice, intercultural understanding and environmental sensitivity. This ongoing and violent incursion is an assault on human rights, a violation of international law, and antithetical to our mission and values. The Pitzer community stands with those Russian citizens taking a courageous stand against this senseless war.  We stand with Ukrainians who are demonstrating tremendous bravery, resilience, unity, and courage as they defend their homeland.

Provida Futuri,

Melvin L. Oliver

Allen M. Omoto
Vice President for Academic Affairs Dean of Faculty