Reggae Festival

Pitzer’s Reggae Fest seen as College-funded cultural appropriation.

Possible Solutions

Some students have proposed eliminating the festival and using the budgeted funds for other causes.

Point Person(s)

Student Senate


in progress

One thought on “Reggae Festival

  1. I am an Afro-Caribbean man who attended the University of La Verne. I was taught guitar by someone who is Jamaican. I have only been able to see him perform live twice in my life and both times were at the Pitzer Reggae Fest. I understand that on campus how this festival could be perceived especially if it is being put on by white students. But what I have to say to that is, this festival gave so many black artists the platform to showcase their work to, not only the students of the campus, but to anyone who came. It expanded their audience. Have genuine reggae community voice in this conversation. The tenants of reggae are not so it is exclusive to one group of people. Reggae is for everyone, and I know for a POC in college right now it might be tough to hear, but that includes white people. It was a fun event and I saw nothing malicious in the intent behind it, so I hope you guys bring it back. Thanks!

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