At Pitzer, we debate ideas. We have strong beliefs. Not everyone in our community appreciates all of our inquiries or engages in the same way. These differences contribute to the distinctive quality of the Pitzer community and enrich our educational experience. This is how we discover and comprehend. This is how we create knowledge and shape it for meaning and function in our lives.

This week, an anonymous person posted a publication by the David Horowitz Freedom Center accusing Pitzer and several other colleges of anti-Semitism. The authors of the newspaper attacked students associated with Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), equating their commitment to the Boycott, Divestment and Sanction (BDS) movement to a terrorist agenda. The headline: “PITZER COLLEGE – Promoting Jew-Hatred and the Hamas Agenda” and article claiming that Pitzer is “remarkably intolerant of Jews and their homeland of Israel” are demonstrably false and intentionally incendiary.

To encourage the open exchange of ideas, as an institution Pitzer generally refrains from judging or sanctioning the exercise of free speech on campus.  But occasionally we are confronted by attack speech or hate speech so extreme that it requires our response.  This is such a case.

I encourage all of you not only to support each other as we conclude the fall semester, but to reach out to the Office of Student Affairs for information about appropriate support services, if needed. Thank you for being an active and thoughtful member of our Pitzer Community.

Melvin L. Oliver