Dear Pitzer Community,

The March 5 deadline for Congress to act on a plan to help protect DACA and undocumented individuals from deportation has passed without legislative action. While we monitor this issue in Washington DC, we continue to support our hard-working and vulnerable students.

Part of our effort to prepare for an uncertain future includes the launch of the Pitzer College Sanctuary microsite at This new site contains valuable information to support DACA, undocumented and other students, faculty, staff and their families. It also provides an overview of the law, Pitzer’s policy and available resources.

This web presence is the result of a major effort by members of Pitzer’s Sanctuary Working Group, who have invested thousands of hours in gathering resources to inform our community about DACA-related issues. Please join me in thanking them for their efforts on behalf of our community.

Melvin L. Oliver

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For more information on Pitzer College’s commitment to DREAMers visit our Sanctuary page.