Dear Pitzer Community,

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program is in imminent danger. As early as tomorrow (Friday, September 1, 2017), an announcement may be made to either phase out or immediately terminate DACA.

Pitzer values the contributions that all members of our community, regardless of immigration status, make towards our educational mission. Defending DACA is imperative for our college, and for the communities with which we engage outside the college.

Last year, in reaffirming our commitment to our values of social justice, intercultural understanding and diversity, our Board of Trustees and I declared Pitzer College to be a sanctuary college regarding immigration. Be assured that Pitzer College will continue its work with other colleges and universities to preserve and extend DACA. I urge all members of the Pitzer community — students, faculty, staff, and alumni — to call your elected representatives and policy contacts and ask for their support for legislative remedies that will preserve the intent of DACA and make it impervious to Executive action.

The Pitzer College Sanctuary Working Group will continue to advise me and the Faculty Executive Committee (FEC) on the direction of our efforts to provide support to all of our vulnerable immigrant students and to our DACA students in particular. This committee will continue to play an increasingly crucial role as we respond to the changing hostile environment.

To our DACA students, please know that Pitzer College stands with you. You are among 800,000 DACA students threatened by this proposed Executive action; the faculty, students, staff, Trustees and alumni of Pitzer College are among the hundreds of millions of Americans who support your right to pursue a college education, to live without fear of deportation and to have an opportunity to contribute to your communities and our society.

Melvin L. Oliver

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For more information on Pitzer College’s commitment to DREAMers visit our Sanctuary page.