Dear Pitzer Community,

As we absorb the impact of yesterday’s election results, I urge the Pitzer community to come together to consider the implications for all members of our community, and for a college committed to social justice and intercultural understanding.  We need to express our fears and concerns and to discuss how we can move forward.  I am working on planning campus-wide events to create opportunities for us to do so later today.

However each of us chooses to respond to the challenges presented by the results of this historic presidential election, I encourage us to care for one another and focus on our shared positive values.  In the meantime, please talk to one another and be aware that additional resources are available.  Monsour Counseling and Psychological Services can be reached by calling (909) 621-8202. The Office of Black Student Affairs can be reached at 909-607-3669 and Chicano Latino Student Affairs at 909-621-8044. The Chaplain’s office can be reached at 909-621-8685, and the Queer Resource Center can be reached at 909-607-1817. Staff at the Dean of Faculty’s office (909 621-8217) and the Office of Student Affairs (909-607-2821) will be available all day to add additional support for the Pitzer community.

Melvin L. Oliver