Dear Pitzer Community,

I write to inform you about a series of election-related events and programs that begin today and continue over the next few weeks. Staff and faculty across the College have been diligently working to develop pre and post-election programs and opportunities to learn, engage, connect with one another, and – depending on the results of elections for the highest public offices in our country and critical ballot measures – provide support as needed. We understand that students and others in our community may need space to reflect and process their feelings and reactions to the outcomes of the election.

Various Pitzer offices and programs developed a multitude of programs and events with this in mind. In all interactions involving what may be contentious issues, and in accordance with Pitzer’s values and motto, we expect everyone to be Mindful of Each Other by honoring diverse perspectives and engaging in civil and respectful discourse.

Many thanks to everyone involved with the planning and collaboration involved with these efforts. I would like to especially recognize Dean of Students Sandy Vasquez for her leadership with this initiative. In addition to Student Affairs, considerable contributions have been made by Academic Affairs, CASA, CAPAS, CEC, the Racial Justice Initiative at Pitzer, and Chicano Latino Student Affairs at The Claremont Colleges. These offices and programs, along with numerous individual faculty, staff, and students have been steadfast in their efforts to provide opportunities and support around this important election.

Finally, I would like to thank the entire community – faculty, staff and students – for your active engagement in the political process in this critical election. Your passion and commitment to democratic practices reflect Pitzer’s core values. 

Melvin L. Oliver President