Courses that foundations of social justice

Faculty have identified the need for students to take courses that teach the foundations of social justice (both praxis and theory) and intercultural understanding. These courses will incorporate:

(a) the understanding of differences between cultures, which include the sociological, psychological, environmental, and historical aspects of the culture, unequal power relations, and utilizing that understanding to better interact with others.

(b) scholarship that exposes students to marginalized groups and that directly discuss the role of individual privilege as it relates to the denied privileges of socially disadvantaged groups.

Possible Solutions

Beginning in fall 2016, all newly matriculated students will need to take one social justice theory course, one social responsibility praxis course, and a set of courses and/or programs to demonstrate an understanding of intercultural understanding from a global or international perspective and from a domestic perspective.

2. Faculty will receive professional development opportunities to create and offer courses that achieve these educational objectives. Since October, 2015, three workshops or forums have been offered for faculty to learn from practitioners in these areas and to support those who wish to develop new or revised syllabi to meet the respective course criteria and student learning outcomes. Course development awards for faculty have also been made available.

Point Person(s)

  • Faculty
  • Dean of Faculty


  • beginning fall 2016
  • in progress