A Message from Mike Segawa

Dear Pitzer Students, 

Mike Segawa, Vice President for Student Affairs

We tried, we really did. For the past four months, literally dozens upon dozens of staff, faculty, and students worked relentlessly to prepare for a physical return to our beautiful Pitzer campus this fall. For many of us, almost every waking hour since March was devoted to finding a safe and educationally meaningful way to re-open our classrooms, laboratories, studios, residence halls, offices, dining hall, recreational facilities, and grounds. Recently though, it became abundantly clear that in spite of the challenges and financial pain, the wisest and most responsible action was to shift our focus and devote all of our energy into creating the most robust and engaging on-line learning communities possible. 

Like you, we are disappointed to not be returning to campus this fall. However, while we may be separated by miles, we all remain devoted to and part of the Pitzer community, one that is known for being innovative, flexible, and resilient. This is a remarkable opportunity for us to tap into our collective creativity and develop new and interesting ways to teach, to learn and to stay connected. This fall, Pitzer classes and co-curricular activities will cut to the heart of the issues and challenges we are facing nationally and globally – from the pandemic to the racial and social injustices that are occurring. We are witnessing an important societal awakening and experiencing cultural changes as a result of political and social action.  

In the midst of all of this, Pitzer will be providing opportunities for learning and engagement like you’ve never experienced before. We are establishing new approaches to teaching, learning and student engagement that will be a model for other liberal arts colleges while honoring the core values upon which Pitzer was founded and will continue to operate. There is no doubt that we will emerge from the twin viruses of COVID-19 and systemic racism a stronger, healthier, smarter and more active learning community.  

Our team in Student Affairs has developed co-curricular programs that are designed to interest all students. These programs will focus on wellness, social connections, academic support, civic engagement, mentorship, career pathways, traditions, leadership and fun! You can still participate in the student resource fair, virtual fitness classes, time management workshops and many other programs that will help us stay connected to each other. Our academic and co-curricular life will be engaging in a new way, complete with original and re-envisioned programs and a multitude of ways to get involved.  

It is our hope and invitation that many of you will choose to embark on this most challenging, and in so many ways creative, journey with us, trusting that together we will find a truly Pitzer way of prevailing and thriving in spite of the current circumstances. 

Our collective ability to achieve this rich Pitzer experience depends on your willingness to be a part of our virtual community this fall. We hope you join us, as we are Pitzer Now more than ever.  

Please remember to review the fall 2020 student success support services and resources website for regular important updates, including academic support resources, financial aid, access to limited loaner WiFi hot spots and laptops for students who need them, well-being, housing, basic needs, and more, to assist with your planning and transition. 

Provida Futuri, 
Mike Segawa 
Vice President for Student Affairs