Ruti Talmor, Associate Professor of Media Studies, Chair of Intercollegiate Media Studies

Professor Talmor discusses teaching Media Studies production courses and overcoming the challenges of teaching hardware and software from afar. Students in Media Studies will also have access to an even wider array of professionals working in the field through a virtual version of the Cinematheque screening series.

Responding to Context: democratizing tools
“We’ve purchased a bunch of equipment which we will be sending home to students, so that every single student will have a kit that is sent to them…what are lab instructors are going to be doing is creating very short lectures/tutorials about very specific elements of specific technologies…so that students can ingest that more easily.”

Responding to Context: inviting voices
“We always have visiting artists and a Cinematheque compliment to this class, but we are very excited about the affordances of Zoom. The fact that we can actually bring people that typically we wouldn’t be able to bring because they are too far away and it is too expensive…we think that this will really expand the artist talk series.”

Responding to Context: creating space
“What I’ve told my students is that based on my experience in the spring, my time in class with them in the spring was such a gift in the context of this moment…and I know it is going to be the same for me in the fall and I think it is going to be the same for students as well.”