Paul Faulstich, Professor of Environmental Analysis

Paul Faulstich, Professor of Environmental Analysis, asks “Why return to Pitzer College in the fall?” His answer is simple: Pitzer needs you, you need Pitzer and the country needs us. Stay by Pitzer this fall and help Pitzer create a different kind of world.


You might be wondering, why return to Pitzer College in the fall? Simple: Pitzer needs you, you need Pitzer and the country needs us. Why does Pitzer need you? Because as a college we exist as a sum of our intellectual capital. Without your engaged minds, we don’t have a vibrantly intellectual community. And Pitzer very viability as a top-tier college and a financially secure institution depends on student enrollment. Your participation will enable us to remain the exemplary institution that you can be proud of. And why do you need Pitzer? Because you thrive with the intellectual opportunities and challenges Pitzer offers. Look, this is a critical time in our collective history. And Pitzer will help hone your ability to respond effectively to the challenges we face. You also need Pitzer this fall in order to keep your academic momentum going. You know, sticking with Pitzer assures that you’ll get full credit for your courses and won’t fall behind. And I encourage you to stick with your plan to graduate on time. And of course, you need Pitzer because we’re great. Let’s share the love. And why does the country need us? You don’t need me to answer this question. Just look around. The world, the country, our communities need your scholarship and activism. Remember, Pitzer’s mission is nothing less than to help make the world a better place. We realize that our social and ecological predicaments aren’t going to be solved with the same kind of education that helped to create the problems in the first place. This is really a critical time to stay engaged. You know that a Pitzer education is unique, you know will continue to be so even online. I promise we’ll challenge you intellectually. We’ll engage you critically and we will explore with you creatively. We’ll continue to do what we do well and what makes us unique. Integrating theory and practice, emphasizing diversity, encouraging interdisciplinary perspectives, maximizing student participation. The Pitzer community; she is remarkably spirited, innovative and mindful, but only because of you, our students. In many ways, a Pitzer education is about stretching, extending our learning outside of the classroom, extending our compassion and understanding of others and extending our sense of community. We can call it Pitzer yoga. One of the finest schools in the country is at your disposal. Pitzer is one of the finest schools because we engage one another with passion and intelligence. Let’s continue the journey this fall. So please stick by us this fall and help Pitzer create a different kind of world. We can do it, together.