Food and Dining Services for Fall 2021

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Some of the following information may be outdated. The exact dining hours, dining options, and food service plans are subject to change as we gain student input, analyze student usage, and review updated guidance.

Community Updates


The goal of Dining Services is to provide healthy, delicious food safely with dietary options available.

Food service venues are McConnell, Pit-Stop Café, and the Shakedown Café with some extended hours, one-way circulation, and new service styles.

  • Payment: no-touch card tapping using Pitzer ID card or Apple Pay
  • Safety: social distancing, sanitizing, and personal protective equipment by all
  • Outdoor dining: increased outdoor furniture to accommodate outdoor eating (this decision will be reevaluated as new LA County Department of Public Health guidance is released)
  • Sustainability: recycled and recyclable tableware, new trash compacting trash bins, and composting options

Overview: Types of Food Service

  • If allowed by the Los Angeles County Department of Health guidelines, dining hall capacity is anticipated to be full capacity indoor seating with the option for enhanced outdoor seating options, and optional access to picnic blankets provided by the Office of Student Affairs. Also, we want to provide students with several additional opportunities for meals, so in addition to extended meal service hours, we are also exploring an option for pre-ordered pre-packaged meals, so that in the morning students who need to can grab meals to take anywhere.
  • Served meals during regular meal periods from McConnell Dining Hall (aka McConnell Bistro), both for to-go dining and indoor dining.
  • Meal swipe replacement options and individual items to purchase at the Pit-Stop Café.
  • Meal swipe replacement options and late-night food service from the Shakedown Café.
  • Quarantine/isolation housing meal delivery if needed.

Food Services Venues

McConnell Dining Hall

Hours: McConnell Dining Hall is typically open for three set meal periods on weekdays (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and two meal periods (brunch/dinner) on weekends (Saturday/Sunday).

Fall 2021 Service: Quick serve with choices of appetizer, entrée, dessert (2-4 options for each), food placed in a to-go container by staff and passed down the hot line with one-way circulation in the east door, along the hot line, and out the west door. The indoor dining area is closed for now. Sample menus.

McConnell Dining hall has been refreshed to upgrade finishes and lighting and improve circulation in the space, as well as to provide new furniture for indoor dining when LA County restrictions are lifted.

Pit-Stop Café

Hours: Typically 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday (hours may be adjusted)

Fall 2021 Service: Outdoor snack bar, order outside through a window, pick up at another window. Students can use flex/credit cards for individual items or meal swipes for a set meal package.

Shakedown Café

The Shakedown will be operated by Bon Appetit beginning Fall 2021. Discussions on the future involvement of student employees in the Shakedown are continuing.

Concept & Hours: Discussions on extended hours are in progress.

Grove House

At this time, the Grove House kitchen will not be used for food service this fall semester due to space restrictions and the need to follow COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Meal Plan Options, Dietary Needs, Flex Dollars

  • 16-meal plan – 16 meals in a one-week period (Sunday-Saturday), including $160 flex dollars per semester OR
  • 12-meal plan – 12 meals in a one-week period (Sunday-Saturday), including $120 flex dollars per semester OR
  • 5-meal plan – 5 meals a week (Sunday-Saturday), no flex dollars (only available to CCA residents, off-campus students, or those who have been approved for a reduced meal plan)

More information on meal plans, flex, and Claremont Cash.

Students with Special Dietary Needs

The dining hall has vegetarian and vegan meal, options for each entrée.

Students who are on a special diet, need a higher caloric meal or have specific food allergies are encouraged to indicate this on their Housing Application. Students with these special needs should contact Pitzer’s Dining Manager, Toni Morbitt, to discuss meal accommodations prior to arrival for Fall 2021.

Students who may want to apply for a reduced meal plan based on dietary needs should email [email protected] for this application.

Meal Periods and Card Swipes

Typically, students can only use their 5, 12, or 16 meals per week during designated meal times in the dining hall (3 meal periods on weekdays and 2 meal periods on weekends) for a total of 19 meal periods each week.

For Fall 2021, students will be able to get a meal using one of their meal swipes at McConnell, the Pit-Stop Café AND the Shakedown Café during extended hours. This means students can use a meal swipe for one complete meal.

Using Flex Dollars (Board Plus)

Students will still be able to use their $120 flex dollars (for 12-meal plans) or $160 (for 16-meal plans) for individual items at the Pit-Stop Café, and Shakedown Café or to purchase an additional meal in any Pitzer venue. The flex cost of a meal can be found here.

Academic Break Periods

Pitzer will continue to offer food service on the meal plan throughout the Fall, Thanksgiving and Spring Break periods. Food service during this time will likely include adjusted dining schedules, pre-ordering, grab-and-go style, etc.