FAQs for Students & Families

Welcome, Pitzer students and families! With COVID-19 safety guidelines and recommendations rapidly evolving, please visit our Community Messages page for the latest information about the 2022 spring semester. We are working on updating our FAQs and other sections of Pitzer’s Pathway Forward website. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we strive to be Mindful of Each Other at Pitzer College.

Some FAQs are outdated and have been archived, but are still available for your reference.

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COVID-19 Vaccination Information & Protection Measures

What are OSA’s top five immediate action steps for students?

  • Submit your booster verification
  • Complete your “Spring 2022 Arrival Plans” form. Students are expected to move in to campus no later than January 28, at noon (to allow you to complete required testing the same day at Student Health Services)
  • Complete your pre-arrival COVID PCR test, if possible
  • Bring masks or NIOSH-approved respirators that meet Pitzer’s updated mask requirements with you, or pick up approved masks when you get to campus 
  • Complete your twice-weekly COVID tests upon your return to campus–visit our Student COVID Testing page for more info

Please see Vice President for Student Affairs Sandy Vasquez’s Student Spring 2022 Return Updates for more information.

Are Pitzer students required to be vaccinated?

Yes. Students are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after receiving their second dose of a two-dose vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna) or a dose of a single-dose vaccine (Johnson & Johnson). Exemptions for this requirement will be considered only for documented medical conditions or religious exceptions. For more information, visit the Student Vaccination Information and Requirement page.

Are Pitzer students required to have a COVID-19 vaccine booster?

Yes. Please see the Booster Requirement message sent on December 17, 2021. The deadline to verify COVID-19 booster status was Tuesday, January 11, 2022. Students unable to receive their booster by this date, due to either equitable access limitations or not having met current CDC booster access guidelines, must notify nurse@pitzer.edu. Student Health Services will be hosting booster clinics for these students beginning the second week of classes. Visit the SHS COVID Health Information site for more information. Updated 01.24.22

How do I submit my vaccination status?

Students can submit their vaccine status—including the date they received their booster—via the Healthy Pitzer platform. Visit our Vaccine Self-Reporting Instructions page for step-by-step instructions. If your booster verification is in another language, please translate as much of the information as possible so the nurse can verify your booster is authorized by WHO.

Created in partnership with Student Health Services (SHS), Healthy Pitzer has been established for students, faculty, and staff to upload their official vaccination cards. Through the Healthy Pitzer platform, students, faculty, and staff can also make COVID-19 test appointments, access related forms, and more.

Are Pitzer students required to take a COVID-19 test before returning to campus?

Yes. Pitzer students are required to complete a COVID-19 PCR test no more than three days prior to move-in arrival and produce a negative test upon move-in arrival. If you don’t have your test results upon arrival, you will be expected to submit proof of having completed a test, and upon arrival, mask at all times, practice social distancing and not engage in any social gatherings or in person meetings of any kind until you are able to provide your test results or be tested at SHS instead.  

If you test positive on this pre-arrival test, please isolate for 10 days and email nurse@pitzer.edu and osastudent@pitzer.edu with documentation of your results for support and next steps.

Off-campus students were asked to email proof of the test (or any testing access support needs) to osastudent@pitzer.edu by January 18. Off-campus students should also read these guidelines.

Please see Student Spring 2022 Return Updates for more information. For more information about COVID testing at Pitzer and the Claremont Colleges, visit our Student COVID Testing page. You can also visit the SHS Testing, Prevention, and Care page for additional information and resources.

What if I can’t get a PCR test before arriving on campus?

We understand that access to PCR tests may be more difficult now, and equity barriers may impact access in some areas. Students needing testing access that are able to arrange their arrival date to align with normal Student Health Services testing hours Monday – Friday, are strongly encouraged to do so (should students need financial support re-arranging travel, please promptly complete the Student Emergency Relief Grant form). Students needing testing access upon return will be expected to mask at all times, practice social distancing and not engage in any social gatherings of any kind or in person meetings until they are able to test and obtain their results.  

Please see Student Spring 2022 Return Updates for more information.

For more information about COVID testing at Pitzer and the Claremont Colleges, visit our Student COVID Testing page. You can also visit the SHS Testing, Prevention, and Care page for additional information and resources.

Will Pitzer students have to take routine COVID-19 tests after returning to campus?

Yes. Pitzer students will test twice a week for their first two weeks on campus. Thereafter, Pitzer plans to return to mandatory weekly COVID testing. Students must check their test results as soon as they receive notification that it is available. If they test positive, they must immediately check their email and follow directives from SHS/OSA to isolate. Please see Student Spring 2022 Return Updates for more information. For more information about COVID testing at Pitzer and the Claremont Colleges, visit our Student COVID Testing page. You can also visit the SHS Testing, Prevention, and Care page for additional information and resources.

Will students, faculty, and staff be required to wear a mask on campus this spring?

Yes. Based on the latest directives from the CDPH, LACDPH, and California’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA), all individuals, regardless of vaccination status, must wear a face covering/mask while indoors, unless a valid exception applies.

Based on a Public Health Order issued by the LACDPH on December 31, 2021, only well-fitting 1) medical grade mask, 2) surgical mask, 3) medical procedure masks, or 4) higher-level respirators approved by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), such as a N95 filtering face respirator, will be permitted by Pitzer. KN95 and KF94 masks are also approved for use on campus. Face masks must not have any visible holes or openings and must cover the nose and mouth.

Please ensure you are masking, as we have been this entire academic year, in any indoor spaces outside of your immediate suite/household unit, and when sharing transportation with other community members. We also encourage you to mask outdoors if you are in a group/crowded setting. 

Pitzer’s current policy is informed by the latest guidance from the CDC and Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LACDPH). The College will continue to evaluate and update its policies in light of changes with official public health recommendations. 

Does Pitzer provide students with masks? If so, what kind?   

Yes, Pitzer provides masks that meet its requirements—specifically, surgical masks and KN95s.

What happens if I test positive for COVID while I’m living on campus?    

Students will be notified by Student Health Services (SHS), and Pitzer’s on-call dean will personally reach out to students who test positive. On-campus residential students will move into Pitzer’s isolation housing. SHS will provide daily monitoring of all students who are in quarantine or isolation on Pitzer’s campus. The student’s temporary quarantine/isolation room will be prepped with “hotel-style” supplies as well as a thermometer. SHS will provide an online form to record symptom monitoring and this information will be reviewed with the medical provider daily. Students will also have wellness and mental health support, including Monsour Counseling and Psychological Services’ isolation support group and Pitzer’s Strive-2-Thrive programs. OSA will work with the Dean of Faculty’s Office and Academic Support Services to make academic accommodations. Meals will be delivered to the student’s door. They will also fill out an online form that will help us meet their needs and be asked to participate in contact tracing protocols. Please visit Quarantine & Isolation Plans for Students for more information.

How long will students who have tested positive be in isolation?   

Students may be able to test out of isolation after 5 days if they meet certain criteria; if not, a 10-day isolation period will apply. Student Health Services (SHS) will do a medical evaluation to see if symptoms have resided/are resolving. They will then use an antigen tests, not saliva PCR tests, to evaluate whether a student can be released from isolation. SHS has set up a separate rapid antigen testing site in the parking lot south of the Tranquada Building. Testing for isolation release is by appointment only. Please visit SHS’s Testing Program FAQs for detailed information. Later in the semester, if SHS is not able to secure additional antigen tests due to supply-chain issues, the 10-day isolation period will still apply.

If a student tests positive after coming to campus, can they isolate at home if they live in driving distance and can travel home safely without exposing others?   

Yes, students can isolate at home. Please contact with the on-call dean to begin this process. The Pitzer Dean On-Call can be reached 24/7 by calling Campus Safety (909.607.2000) and asking for the Pitzer Dean On-Call.

Will the College provide mental health services for students?   

Yes. All Claremont Colleges students have access to Monsour Counseling and Psychological Services (MCAPS) and 7C.Health, which provides 24/7 teletherapy counseling support. Monsour will host drop-in hours for students in isolation online. More information will be sent via email or contact 909.621.8202.

At Pitzer, in partnership with ARC Counseling, two therapists will be available for Pitzer students for weekly drop-in hours online for the month of January and transition to on-campus once we return to in-person instruction. Counseling support is open to all students for short-term triage and referral as needed. More info on Instagram @pzstrive2thrive.

Our Strive-2-Thrive health and wellness initiative also has multiple programs dedicated to cultivating self-care and supporting mental health.

Please see the Student Wellness and Mental Health Support message for more information.

What if I’m concerned about students, faculty, or staff who are not following COVID-19 protocols?   

You may report a COVID-19 concern involving you, another individual, or a group by filling out a COVID-19 Concern Form. These concerns may involve issues related to monitoring symptoms, face-covering guidance, physical distancing, cleaning, COVID-19 disclosure, or other matters. Your privacy will be respected, and information you report will be shared with other individuals only on a need-to-know basis.


Are classes going to be virtual or in-person?

Undergraduate classes at the 5Cs will begin in online format for the first two weeks of the semester as we do baseline testing and establish protocols for community health and safety. Classes started as scheduled on Tuesday, January 18, however, they were virtual. The Presidents Council will continue to receive information on COVID cases and testing and quarantine capabilities and make a decision about potentially continuing online instruction beyond two weeks. At this time, however, the Colleges remain committed to in-person and residential educational experiences, and the intent is to return to in-person instruction as soon as possible after the start of the semester. As of President Oliver’s announcement on January 6, Pitzer is planning on resuming in-person classes on Monday, January 31.

What if I’ve requested to PERM a course and want to sit in on class before the Jan. 31 Add/Drop date?

Students who have submitted a PERM (shorthand for “instructor permission”) request through the portal and want to potentially enroll in that course should inquire directly with the instructor about Zoom access to their courses during the first two weeks. 

Students have historically used the first two weeks of the semester, prior to the add/drop deadline, as a “shopping period” for courses. At the start of this semester, with the first two weeks online, you are welcome to send an email message to any faculty member whose class you wish to add and ask for the Zoom link for the start of class.

For those not familiar with how to use Zoom, here is an overview: 
https://www.pitzer.edu/information-technology/services/zoom/  (also available at https://pitzer.zoom.us)

For those who want to know more about how to PERM, please visit the “Instructor Permission and the PERM System” on Pitzer’s How to Register for Classes page.

Why are classes online for the first two weeks of the semester?

To protect the health and safety of our campus community and do what we can to return to in-person classes as soon as possible. Pitzer and the other undergraduate Claremont Colleges have been advised by medical experts that we have a better chance of an in-person semester if we take a pause at the beginning as students arrive, when many may test positive. The goal for everyone involved is that we will continue the semester in-person after spending the first two weeks online. Pitzer has students with underlying health conditions as well as faculty and staff who are immuno-compromised. We also have students who cannot travel to campus due to COVID restrictions in time for the first day of classes, and we want to make sure everyone has equitable access to classes during those first two weeks. The director of Student Health Services, who has been in regular communication with medical leaders at other colleges and universities where many students have already returned to campus, expects the surge to begin to decline at the end of January. Starting online also allows some students to move-in after January 16, which will increase our capacity to provide isolation spaces and tests for all those who may need them.

Will some classes be taught outdoors?

Yes. Like last semester, Pitzer has tents set up on campus so some classes can be taught outdoors when in-person classes resume.

If a student is quarantined, will they be able to continue their coursework?

In the event that a student needs to be isolated or quarantined for a period of time, their professors will work with the student, their advisor, the Office of Student Affairs, and the Dean of Faculty’s Office to help them to continue their work or do extra-credit work (health permitting). Faculty will be notified by the Pitzer Student Affairs Office when a Pitzer student tests positive and enters quarantine/isolation. Student Health Services is hopeful that it will have antigen testing for isolation release on Day 6 (assuming a negative test) available by the start of the semester. Until antigen tests are available, a 10-day isolation period will apply. Pitzer Academic Support Services will assist with appropriate accommodations, as needed. Updated 1/11/22

Housing and Residential Life

Where do I find information about spring move-in for returning students?

Please visit Residence Life’s Spring Move-in Guide for questions about COVID safety during move-in, including required PCR COVID testing prior to arrival, residential check-in, step-by-step move-in logistics, and more.

Since the first two weeks of classes will be online, do I still need to move in on January 16?

Students who are not housing insecure, impacted by a living environment that is not conducive to remote learning, and live locally may partner with OSA to identify an alternative date to return to campus after January 16, but no later than Friday, January 28 (by noon to allow students to participate in required testing at Student Health Services). Staggered arrivals will allow Pitzer to dedicate support and resources to students traveling domestically or internationally to campus. Please complete the “Spring 2022 Arrival Plans” form on your Residence homepage by Wednesday, January 12, to let us know if you plan to arrive on January 16 or 17, or if you plan to delay your arrival.

Can I get a room-and-board refund if I stay home during the first two weeks while classes are remote?

Unfortunately, the answer is no, as the College is prepared to support students on campus beginning Sunday, January 16. Bed space is reserved and the meal plan is accessible during the first two weeks for all students. If you opt to stay home for extra days, the College is not able to prorate or refund as these resources remain available to you during this time.

Will I be able to have guests in my room?

Only students who live in each residential suite/apartment will be allowed into the suite/apartment at this time. No guests of any kind will be allowed in the suite/apartment, this includes during move-in days as well. All undergraduate Claremont Colleges are invoking a “no 5C guests policy” in their residential facilities as well, including CCA and OASIS. Please see Student Spring 2022 Return Updates for more information.

Do we need to wear masks in our suite? Are my suitemates my “pod”?

Residents who live in a room or suite together are considered a “household” and will not be required to mask (but may choose to) in common rooms/residential rooms. During the current COVID-19 surge, Student Health Services strongly encourages students to enhance masking efforts, including when in suites with roommates except for when sleeping or eating and outdoors when around others.

What will dining on campus be like at the start of spring semester?

For the first two weeks of the semester (January 18-30), McConnell Dining Hall, the Pit-Stop Café, and the Shakedown Café will be open for to-go or grab-and-go service only. We plan to re-evaluate our dining services after our return to campus and any adjustments, including related guidelines, will be communicated to the community as soon as possible.

For more information, please read the January 14 Food Services Update.

If you have additional questions—can I get more than one box to go? are McConnell’s hours being reduced?—please see the Q&As in the January 18 Additional Food Services Updates.

Will there be non-academic student events and gatherings?

At the beginning of spring semester, we will not be registering student events (those over 30 people outdoors or indoors over 20 people) and any pre-registered events are canceled. Student club and organization meetings will be conducted virtually, and no 5C or non-5C community guests will be permitted on campus. We encourage students to only gather outdoors in small groups or indoors only if essential college business. Students are encouraged to check out outdoor lawn games from Campus Life.

No in-person 5C events will be held from the beginning of the semester through February 7, pending evaluation of our COVID-19 case trends and student compliance with flu and booster vaccination, testing and masking requirements.

A shared Spring 2022 5C Community Agreement is forthcoming that will include expectations for resuming cross-campus student life engagement in-person. Please see Student Spring 2022 Return Updates for more information.

Will the Gold Student Center gym be open?

During the start of the spring 2022 semester, the fitness center will be operating at limited capacity. Only ten Pitzer community members will be allowed to use the fitness center at a time, limited to one hour a day. Community members will have to reserve an appointment to use the fitness center to ensure maximum capacity limits and allow for social distancing and cleaning between use. Please see Student Spring 2022 Return Updates for more information.

Student Accounts

Why does my balance due in CASHNet not reflect my financial aid? I was expecting my balance due to be a lot less than what I’m seeing.

When logging into CASHNet in your student portal to view or pay your bill, you might notice that the balance due on the front page is a higher balance than you had expected. If you are a financial aid recipient, you will need to view your statement where your anticipated aid will be reflected. The statement will show you your balance due with financial aid; the home page on CASHnet will show you your balance due WITHOUT aid.

Since classes will be online for the first two weeks of spring semester, will my tuition, meal plan, and room and board charges be adjusted?

No. Pitzer plans to resume classes in-person on campus on January 31, 2022; there will be no tuition adjustments made for the two weeks of the semester being online. All students who are living on campus will have access to their rooms, and the move-in dates will remain the same. New students are still given access to move into their rooms on Jan. 13, and returning students are still given access to move into their rooms on Jan 16-17. Rooms are reserved and will be available to all students. All students will also have access to their meal plan for the duration of time that courses will be online. If students decide to move in at a later date, their meal plan and board charges will remain the same since these amenities are available to them. 

When is my tuition expected to be paid for spring semester?

The tuition due date is on or before Thursday, January 20, 2022. You also have the option to sign up for our Payment Plan. For the spring semester, installments are due January through April on or before the 20th of each month.

What is the add/drop date for courses for spring semester?

The add/drop date for spring 2022 is January 31, 2022. You may add additional courses up this date, or drop a course you no longer want to participate in to receive a full refund.

What if I decide I don’t want to attend Pitzer anymore due to COVID?

If you have already registered and paid for your courses, you have until before the start of the semester, on January 18, 2022, to withdraw or file a leave of absence. If you follow the proper steps to withdraw or file a leave, you will receive a 100 percent refund. If you decide that you no longer want to attend the spring semester AFTER the start date, then you will be eligible for a pro-rated refund, depending upon the time of the withdrawal or leave.

Student Employment

Will there be on-campus student jobs in Spring 2022?

Yes. For the first few weeks of the semester, supervisors are being encouraged to offer virtual work to student employees. They are also being provided resources and support to do so. Please contact your supervisor regarding starting work.

Is there any in-person student employment work occurring at the beginning of spring semester?

Yes. To support public health measures and a safe start to the spring semester, most student employees should begin the semester working remotely at the discretion of their supervisor. Some student positions, however, require in-person work during this time. Prior to and during the period in which classes are being held virtually, student employees should be working in-person if their positions meet all of the following criteria: the work is critical to Pitzer’s operations, cannot be completed without student work, can only be performed in-person, and can be done meeting all updated guidelines for in-person work (student meets vaccine/booster requirements, new masking requirements, and all requirements for student return to campus, etc.). Prior to and during the period of remote instruction, like all current employees, student employees should complete the Healthy Pitzer screening each day that they are performing in-person work. Supervisors, in consultation with their area vice president, will determine which student positions meet the criteria for in-person work. Even in these instances, as much remote work as possible is highly encouraged.

What if I’m looking for a job at Pitzer for the spring semester?

New student positions will be available this spring semester. Jobs will be posted at different times, so students should begin monitoring for postings. Here is a brief description of the steps for securing a job.

  • Search Handshake for open positions: https://pitzer.joinhandshake.com/ . Go to the “Jobs” tab and search “Pitzer” in the search bar and filter on “On-Campus Employment”. You can also search for “TCCS” for consortial opportunities. Here is a quick guide to searching for positions in Handshake.
  • Follow the directions on the posting for applying to jobs. These will vary by position.
  • Submit the Student Employee Information Form to EACH position you seek, in addition to any documents (e.g., resume, cover letter, etc.) or information requested by the supervisor. Please note on the form accurately if your supervisor is a faculty member OR member of the staff.
  • Once selected for a position, you will be provided a form to complete and submit to your supervisor. You cannot begin work until authorized by HR to do so.
  • New Student Hires: Students who have not previously worked at Pitzer need to provide documents to verify their eligibility to work in the U.S. This usually entails providing Human Resources with original and unexpired I-9 documents. Original documents must be presented, so please plan accordingly to have these when needed in the spring semester.


Are we able to attend athletic games?

All athletic competitions are open to a limited number of students, faculty, and staff. Outside spectators will not allowed until further notice.

Will there be a spring season for Pomona-Pitzer Athletics?

There are no current change to student athlete participation. Updated spectator guidance is forthcoming. The College will continue to monitor and adhere to NCAA and conference protocols with risk mitigation being a top priority. You can also follow @Sagehens on Twitter for updates.

Will Pitzer students still have access to Roberts Pavilion?

Pitzer students, faculty, and staff still have access to Roberts Pavilion from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday- Friday. 

Study Abroad Programs

Will Pitzer-run study abroad programs be in operation this semester?

As of January 7, Pitzer in Costa Rica, Pitzer in Ecuador, Pitzer in Italy, and Pitzer in Tanzania, South Africa and Zimbabwe are scheduled to run this spring. A few exchange programs are also scheduled to be in operation. For more information, please email studyabroad@pitzer.edu or visit www.pitzer.edu/study-abroad/.

Will Pitzer’s study abroad program offer any virtual courses in the spring?

Yes, three virtual courses are being offered: The Indigenous Movement in a Plurinational State: The Experience of Ecuador; Italian Culture Studies; and Virtual Internship Nepal.

Is Pitzer planning to run study abroad programs in summer 2022?

As of January 7, the Office of Study Abroad and International Programs is planning to run Costa Rica Summer Health, Pitzer in Brazil, and Pitzer in Vietnam in summer 2022. For more information, please email studyabroad@pitzer.edu or visit www.pitzer.edu/study-abroad/.

Financial Aid

Why does my balance due in CASHNet not reflect my financial aid? I was expecting my balance due to be a lot less than what I’m seeing.

When logging into CASHNet in your student portal to view or pay your bill, you might notice that the balance due on the front page is a higher balance than you had expected. If you are a financial aid recipient, you will need to view your statement where your anticipated aid will be reflected. The statement will show you your balance due with financial aid; the home page on CASHnet will show you your balance due WITHOUT aid.

I plan to live at home with my family for the 2021-22 academic year. Will this impact my financial aid?

Yes. Students who plan to live with family will receive financial aid to assist with ‘at home’ housing costs. Visit Housing & Meals on the Financial Aid website for complete budget details.

Can I receive financial aid to live off-campus?

Yes. Students who plan to rent off-campus will receive financial aid to assist with off-campus housing costs. Visit Housing & Meals on the Financial Aid website for complete budget details.

My family was financially impacted by COVID-19. Can I receive more financial aid?

Changes to finances due to COVID-19 can be reviewed to re-assess aid eligibility. Families should review the Financial Aid Appeal Application and upload any relevant documentation to IDOC.

Have already received aid package: We highly encourage students who have already received their aid package to first request an appointment to discuss their circumstances with a financial aid counselor.

Have not received aid package: Please visit your Student Portal to view any outstanding documents. Submit required documents along with Financial Aid Appeal Application and relevant documentation to IDOC.

What if I or my family still have financial aid questions?

You can request appointments to meet with Financial Aid staff. Zoom and phone appointments are available.


Family Weekend 2022 is on Feb. 18-20—will it be virtual?

Yes—and we hope our Pitzer families can join us! It’s a great opportunity to get a window into your student’s Pitzer experience. Please mark your calendars and visit our Family Weekend 2022 page for more information.

If you have a question that wasn’t covered in the FAQs, Ask Cecil!

Student FAQ last updated: January 10, 2022