Friday Nurse Notes - 11.18.22

November 18, 2022

Good afternoon Pitzer Community,

As the winter season approaches, we are seeing an increase in patients reporting respiratory symptoms, such as congestion, sore throat, cough, and fever. These symptoms can be indicative of a few common illnesses such as RSV, influenza and covid-19.

Amid a sustained rise in coronavirus transmission, Los Angeles County is once again strongly recommending wearing a mask in indoor public spaces. The daily number of newly reported cases has jumped almost 70% from a month ago, though case rates are still well shy of previous waves and the benefits of vaccines and therapeutics ward off the worst that covid-19 has to offer.

Taking Steps to Relieve Symptoms:

  • Get tested. You cannot tell the difference between flu and COVID-19 by the symptoms alone because they have some of the same signs and symptoms.  Specific testing is needed to tell what the illness is and to confirm a diagnosis
  • Manage fever and pain with over-the-counter fever reducers and pain relievers, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen
  • Drink enough fluids. It is important for people with RSV, influenza, or covid-19 infection to drink enough fluids to prevent dehydration
  • Stay in touch with your doctor. Call before you get medical care. Be sure to get care if you have trouble breathing, or have any other emergency warning signs, or if you think it is an emergency.

The Pitzer COVID Dashboard reports weekly cases on campus pending results from the lab.

Thank you for your continued efforts! As always, if you have any question, comments, or concerns, please feel free to reach out.

Best Regards, 

Nurse Zephyr 

On-Campus Presence Guidelines for Employees - 07.07.21

Reference Period: 5/17/2021-7/31/2021

Consistent with CDC guidance and the guidance of state and local public health authorities, Pitzer is implementing a slow and safe expansion of on-campus research, instruction, administrative operations, and campus life activities.

Pitzer will return to campus in a phased approach over the summer with the intent of transitioning all campus groups to in-person operation by August 30, 2021. Requests for continued remote or hybrid work environments after August 30, 2021, will be subject to evaluation to determine the ultimate need to maintain business continuity. Such requests will require approval by area VPs and Human Resources and are subject to performance evaluations after 60 days.

Pitzer faculty who would like to return to campus before August 2, 2021, to conduct summer on-campus faculty or faculty-student research and artistic production can do so by coordinating with the DOF office. The DOF will coordinate specific lab and studio needs with Facilities, IT, and Human Resources. Faculty and student researchers should follow the On-Campus Presence Guidelines at all times when coming to campus.

Pitzer staff who have been working remotely may only return to their on-site work locations prior to August 2, 2021 once they receive their area VP and HR approval.

Individuals working on-site must continue to adhere to all local health orders and the Pitzer’s requirements for individuals on campus, as outlined below. Updates to the On-Campus Presence Guidelines will be based on local health orders and Cal-OSHA guidelines.

In accordance with Pitzer’s current vaccination policy, individuals who have submitted proof of their fully vaccinated status are excused from screening testing for COVID-19. All employees, students, and campus affiliates reporting to campus, even on an occasional or one-day-a-week basis, who have not submitted proof of vaccination must participate in Pitzer’s screening testing program.

Before Going To Campus

While still at home, perform a self-check for symptoms, which includes taking your temperature daily, before reporting to campus. Before starting your workday, log on to Healthy Pitzer and fill out the Pitzer Health Screening Questionnaire to affirm that you have been free of COVID-19 symptoms for the preceding 14 days.

Make sure to bring a face covering to wear while on campus.

While On Campus

Pitzer has implemented preventative health measures to safeguard those working on campus. These include adjustments to HVAC systems where appropriate, the installation of hand-sanitizer stations, and enhanced cleaning and sanitizing practices. Additional measures implemented in accordance with city and country requirements for operation are listed in the campus reopening protocol.

When you are on campus, you will be required to:

  • Participate in screening testing, if not vaccinated;
  • Maintain a minimum of six feet of physical distance from others
  • Wear a face covering at all times

On-Campus Meetings

While on campus, if you will be scheduling in-person meetings, you are required to request
meeting space prior to your meeting. Summer Campus Reservations will be used to browse
and book available meeting spaces. Requests for meeting spaces will be routed to Pitzer’s
Facilities team for approval. Note, approval of request is required. Registering meeting
spaces will allow Facilities the opportunity to ensure proper disinfecting is completed once
usage concludes.

Understanding not all community members are comfortable meeting in-person at this point, it is
highly encouraged to provide a remote/Hyflex meeting option (in-person and online approach).
When taking this approach, request an applicable meeting space (identified in Summer Campus
Reservations) to ensure the appropriate technology will be available.

Outdoor meetings are strongly encouraged as are virtual meetings. If in-person meetings are
essential, in the course of conducting permitted activities, they are limited such that all
participants in the room can easily maintain at least six-foot distance from one another at all
practicable times and all participants must wear face masks and meetings are held in rooms
large enough to maintain physical distancing. Meetings spaces should be filled to 50% capacity,
in accordance with current guidelines.

Anyone coming on campus must complete the daily health questionnaire of the day of the
meeting, prior to coming on campus.

Urgent Accommodations Contacts

Mark Crawbuck – [email protected]
Maggie Hernandez – [email protected]

Jessica Levy – [email protected]
IT Helpdesk – [email protected]

Human Resources:
Deanna Caballero – [email protected]
Marie Pinedo – [email protected]

Student Accommodations:
Gabriella Tempestoso – [email protected]

Face Coverings and Physical Distancing Policy - 07.07.21

Cal-OSHA (Division of Occupational Safety and Health) announced changes regarding masking and social distancing on June 24, 2021. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health also revised its health orders to be consistent with state guidance. As a worksite, Pitzer is required to follow Cal-OSHA and the State of California compliance standards. In addition to removing physical distancing as a required protocol, the revised masking requirements are largely based upon whether an individual employee has been fully vaccinated. The College has reviewed the new requirements and is, therefore, making the following changes to our current COVID-19 policies. All persons working on campus are required to follow these policies.

Cecil with Pitzer mask

Face Coverings

  1. Fully Vaccinated: Fully vaccinated individuals are not required to wear face coverings outdoors. At this time, face coverings will still be required indoors in alignment with LA County recommendations unless the individual is alone in a room, when eating or drinking (as long as physical distancing of at least six feet can be maintained), or when specific tasks cannot feasibly be performed with a face covering (in which case the face covering may only be removed during completion of that task).
    • If you are fully vaccinated and would like to continue wearing your mask in any setting, please feel free to do so.  The College will continue to supply face coverings to all employees at no cost regardless of vaccination status.
  2. Non-Vaccinated: Non-vaccinated individuals are required to wear face coverings outdoors when physical distancing of at least six feet cannot be maintained. “Non-vaccinated” includes employees who have yet to provide Pitzer with proof of full vaccination status or whose vaccination has not been verified by Hamilton Health Box.
    • Non-vaccinated employees are also required to participate in COVID-19 testing once or twice a week, depending on your work schedule. Please see the testing policy for details.

COVID-19 testing is not an alternative to wearing face coverings.

Those who are required to wear a face covering but cannot do so due to a medical or mental health condition or disability, or who are hearing-impaired or communicating with a hearing-impaired person, must wear an effective, non-restrictive alternative (such as a face shield with a drape on the bottom) if the individual’s condition/disability permits it.

Physical distancing requirements

  1. Other than the physical distancing conditions stated above, the State and County no longer impose any other physical distancing requirements.
  2. Physical distancing is still recommended, please be considerate of those around you and maintain six feet of distance when possible.

Faculty and Staff Testing Policy - 07.07.21

Faculty and Staff who are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated will be required to be tested for COVID-19 on a routine basis as a condition of their presence on campus. 

Staff Covid-19 Vaccine

The College will use the following methodology to govern COVID-19 testing:

  • Unvaccinated/Partially Vaccinated faculty and staff who come to campus two or more days per week will be required to test twice per week regularly.
  • Unvaccinated/Partially Vaccinated faculty and staff who come to campus routinely one day per week will be required to test that day.
  • At this time, fully vaccinated individuals do not need to test routinely. Testing is available to all staff/faculty if you would like to test routinely or if you have symptoms or have been exposed. Fully vaccinated Staff/faculty who are in a high contact position (regularly work with multiple people <6 feet apart) are encouraged to test once a week. 
  • If you have tested positive for COVID-19, you will not be required to participate in routine testing for 90 days following your positive test as long as you no longer have symptoms. After the 90 days, testing will resume as scheduled.

* A person is considered fully vaccinated ≥2 weeks following the receipt of the second dose in a 2-dose series (Pfizer/Moderna) or one dose of a single-dose vaccine (Johnson and Johnson).

To facilitate this process, faculty and staff members who plan to be on campus on a routine basis are asked to schedule themselves for their weekly or twice-weekly testing using Healthy Pitzer at or go to the Pitzer website>Resources>Daily Health screening.  You can find instructions for scheduling here:

This is important to (1) ensure that we know who will be on campus on a given day, (2) facilitate contact tracing and (3) efficiently allocate COVID-19 tests for those who are required to be on campus, who will maintain a regular presence on campus and those members of our community who are symptomatic or believe they have been exposed.

Test site location updated 7/27/2021

Given the contagious nature of COVID-19, we are asking faculty and staff who are on campus routinely to stick to their approved schedules. Should a schedule change, faculty and staff members will be expected to consult with their supervisor or VP, who will let HR know of the change.

Testing for Symptomatic or Exposed Staff and Faculty:
Any staff or faculty who have symptoms of COVID-19 or have had a known exposure must contact the College’s healthcare provider, Hamilton Health Box (HHB), by emailing the HHB Nurse at [email protected] or calling (909) 607-2180 (x72180) as soon as possible. The HHB Nurse will provide diagnostic testing for those who meet the criteria. Diagnostic testing will be a same-day or next-day drive-up appointment. The drive-up testing will be located in marked parking spots at the Holden parking lot; instructions will be provided before testing.

Outside Testing:
If you are diagnosed with COVID-19 or test positive through a non-Pitzer testing site, AND you have been on campus in the fourteen days prior to the first day of symptoms, you must immediately report that information to the HHB Nurse at (909) 607-2180 (x72180) or [email protected] This is required so that we may report to the State of California, as well as our workers’ compensation carrier, per changes in state laws effective January 1.

Testing Family Members/Partners:
Our on-campus clinic is available to family members and partners of Pitzer faculty and staff. If a member of your family needs to be tested, please contact the HHB Nurse at (909) 607-2180 (x72180) or [email protected] Please note that, effective March 1st, 2021, you will be charged $75.00 for each test for each family member.

Changes in Notification Procedures:
New legal and regulatory mandates will bring new notifications to members of our Pitzer College community if there is an outbreak. California’s Office of Occupational Safety and Health now mandates notice be given within one business day to all employees who occupy an “exposed workplace” when there are multiple COVID-19 infections or outbreaks in a single location. As a result, you may receive notices from the College from time to time as we track COVID-19 cases in our community.

As a reminder:

  • A COVID-19 case is defined as a person who has tested positive, is subject to an order to isolate from a health professional or public health official or who has died from COVID-19.
  • You are at risk for exposure if you were within six feet of the person for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more, with or without the use of face coverings, over a 24-hour period, or had unprotected contact with the person’s body fluids and/or secretions (for example being coughed or sneezed on, sharing utensils or saliva) or provided care without using appropriate protective equipment.
  • We will be sending out notices within one business day to faculty and staff who work in a particular workspace in cases of multiple COVID cases in a single location. If contact tracing reveals that you are at risk of exposure, you will be contacted by the HHB Nurse.

Additionally, resources are available for anyone who needs wellbeing assistance:
Employee Assistance Program: The EAP is administered by OptumHealth and is available to benefits-eligible staff and faculty for free counseling support during this stressful period.

You may contact the EAP by calling (800) 234-5465. You can also find information and resources online at