Isolation Plans for Students

With COVID-19 safety guidelines and recommendations rapidly evolving, please visit our Community Messages page for the latest information about fall 2022 semester.

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Definitions: Self-Monitor, Close Contact, and Isolation

The following are listed in order of severity/restrictions.


Students should self-monitor for symptoms up until 14 days after travel/exposure.

Close Contacts:

Asymptomatic students who are identified as close contacts should review LA County guidance on close contacts.


Involves remaining in your home or residence with zero public contact due to a positive COVID-19 test, with or without active symptoms. Isolation ranges from 5 to 10 days in length, and LA County’s isolation guidance can be found here.

  • Residential students who need to isolate on the Pitzer campus will receive meals delivered to their door, cleaning supplies for their restroom and living space, daily health check-ins with a medical provider from SHS, as well as wellness and mental health support.

Potential Symptoms/Exposure Protocol

Medical Monitoring and Support

SHS and Student Affairs staff will retain a roster of students who are in isolation. If emergency response is required to those students, responding Pitzer and Campus Safety staff will wear N-95 masks. Whenever Campus Safety, SHS, or Residence Life staff are aware of an emergency response by external first responders to such a student, those Pitzer staff will inform the external first responders of the student’s status in isolation.

SHS will provide daily monitoring of all students who are in isolation on Pitzer’s campus. The student’s temporary isolation room will be prepped with “hotel-style” supplies as well as a thermometer. SHS will provide an online form to record symptom monitoring, and this information will be reviewed with the medical provider daily.

Pitzer Student Affairs staff will be providing coordination and support via phone/email, an online form, and occasional check-ins throughout isolation.

Dining Services for those in Isolation

Pitzer Dining Services staff will prepare meal boxes (three meals/day) for residential students in isolation on campus. Residence Life will pre-communicate any dietary restrictions/allergies to dining services staff. Students will also be able to communicate preferences or other dietary needs directly to dining services through an online form.

Mental Health & Wellness Support in Isolation

  • Monsour Counseling & Psychological Services: Individual therapy or crises 909.621.8202
    • Don’t Isolate in Isolation
      • Weekly Zoom Drop-In support group specifically for students in isolation  
      • To register, contact [email protected]
  • 102 Self-Care Ideas & Activities
  • Mindfulness Apps (they have free content before their paywall)
  • Joyful Movement and Exercise (FREE)
  • Online Games
    • Gartic Phone (like Telephone but with drawing –
    • DownforAcross (invite others to fill out a crossword –
    • CodeNames (
    • Jackbox Games (these are paid games, but only the host has to pay for them and everyone else can join for free) – I recommend
      • Drawful (Jackbox Party Pack 1)
      • Mad Verse City (Party Pack 5)
      • Tee K.O. (Party Pack 3)
  • CampusWell
  • Sakai: Self-Care Kit : FREE Wellness library (mindfulness, wellness cards, meditations, therapy referrals, journaling, self-care DIY kits
  • 7C.Health: Is FREE and available to all students 24/7 for physical and mental Health needs and referrals. (telehealth)
  • List of National Resources and Referrals – crisis hotlines, more mindfulness apps, self-care kits, grounding exercises

If you have any questions or need other resources, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected]

Other Supplies and Services

Individuals in isolation will be provided with basic, hotel-style supplies such as:

  • Bedroom: Twin sheet set, pillow, blanket.  
  • Bathroom: Toilet paper, box of tissues, hand sanitizer, conditioner/shampoo, soap.  
  • Misc: Biohazard trash bags, disposable masks, disinfectant wipes, thermometer.  

All trash should be put into the biohazard bag and will be picked up from inside the room at the end of isolation. If a work order arises during isolation, students can submit the issue on their online request form and Residence Life and Facilities staff will communicate on next steps.

Students should plan to not have access to their regular room, storage items, mail or packages while in isolation, however, if a specific item is needed at the mail center (e.g. care package, medicine, academic materials, etc.) the student can request these items be delivered to their room via the online request form.

Students should pack enough clothes for the duration of their stay in isolation; they will not have access to laundry.

Academic Accommodations

If necessary, Pitzer Academic Support Services staff will contact students in isolation to review options for students to continue their academic work remotely, in coordination with their faculty.