Updated Boosters Now Available in Clinic

September 28, 2022

To: Pitzer Staff

  • The updated Moderna vaccine (bivalent booster) is available in the clinic starting on October 3rd

  • Please make an appointment here! Appointments will be Monday/Wednesday 9am-12:45pm and Tuesday/Thursday 9am-11am, 1pm-2:45pm
  • Family of staff/faculty are welcome!
  • Please bring your vaccine card with you

What is the updated booster and who is it for?

  • The updated booster/bivalent booster offers protection against the original Covid-19 strain and Omicron, BA.5 the current predominant variant
  • The Moderna Covid-19 Bivalent Vaccine is a single booster dose available to individuals 18 years of age and older.
  • You should wait 2 months after your completion of the Covid-19 primary vaccination series or after your most recent booster dose to receive the updated booster
  • If you have recently tested positive for Covid-19, it is recommended to wait 3 months to get the updated booster

I recommend that everyone eligible receive the updated booster! It offers updated protection and can help prevent severe illness. If you have any questions, concerns or want to chat about vaccinations, please reach out to me!

Images reads, COVID-19 vaccines and another layer of protection. Learn how you can get a COVID-19 vaccine to keep you and your family safe. www.cdc.gov

Zephyr Dowd-Lukesh, RN, BSN (She, Her, Hers)