Summer COVID Clinic Information for Faculty and Staff

The testing clinic is in West Hall living room Q222, testing hours are 9 am-1 pm Monday/Wednesday and 9 am-12 pm and 1 pm-3 pm Tuesday/Thursday.  Please see testing instructions below for more details.  

The clinic will be open this Friday 05/20/2022 from 9 am-12 pm for anyone who would like a test. Please remember to monitor yourself for symptoms of COVID-19, as there have been large events at the end of the semester.

Testing Schedule: 

  • Testing is available on campus and is free to all Pitzer employees.  Appointments can be made through Healthy Pitzer, detailed instructions can be found below.  
  • If you have recently had a COVID-19 infection, please reach out to [email protected] to discuss your testing schedule, as you may be exempt from PCR testing for 90 days post a positive COVID test. 

COVID-19 Testing Instructions

 How to make an appointment:

  • Routine Testing: Please make an appointment for testing through Healthy Pitzer, after logging in you will see Appointments on the second tab.  The first time that you log into Healthy Pitzer you will be required to sign Pitzer and HHB consent forms, these forms must be completed prior to testing. 
  • Please bring your phone to your appointment and be ready to log into Healthy Pitzer, we will use the barcode found in the top right corner of the homepage for testing. 
  • The test will be a self-administered nasal swab and the process only takes a few minutes. 
  • You will receive your test results directly via text message and/or email 24-48 hours after testing. 

If you have been exposed or have symptoms: 

  • If you have symptoms, please do not make an appointment with Healthy Pitzer, and instead email [email protected] explaining your situation and we will get you scheduled for diagnostic testing.  
  • This is important so that we can determine if you are safe to work on campus and so that we can test symptomatic individuals separately from others to reduce the risk of exposure. 

Testing at an outside facility: 

  • If you would prefer to test off-campus or if you need testing on a holiday or weekend, please check LA County testing sites or Kaiser testing sites.  
  • If you need assistance finding or making an appointment, please let us know!
  • If you are getting diagnostic testing at an outside facility for symptoms or an exposure you must get a PCR test, a rapid/antigen test will not clear you to return to campus. 
  • If you get tested an outside facility you can report your test results to [email protected]

Nurse Zephyr