Friday Nurse Notes

April 8, 2022

Campus mitigation reminders:

  • 5C Cross-Campus Dining is suspended until further notice
  • N95s, KN95s or double surgical/procedure masks are required. Single layer cloth masks are not acceptable. Masking outdoors is optional, except as required for outdoor events/programs or faculty outdoor classroom guidance, but highly encouraged in denser outdoor settings.
  • Pitzer staff and faculty are strongly encouraged to participate in surveillance testing regardless of vaccination status, especially those with high student contact outside of the classroom
  • All Pitzer, 5C parties, and 5C student club and organization events and programs are cancelled until further notice

Dear Community,

Thank you to everyone in the community for following the mitigation efforts we have made in response to the COVID-19 surge. While this surge may be alarming to the Pitzer community, in consultation with our doctors this wave is to be expected given our recent case numbers and we are hopeful that with the mitigation efforts Pitzer implemented last week and enhanced 5C mitigation efforts, we will soon see a decline in cases. This week’s email will focus on COVID concerns and what we as a community can do to reduce spread.

Where am I most likely to be exposed to COVID-19?

You are most likely to be exposed to COVID-19 in poorly ventilated spaces that are indoors, filled with people that are not wearing face coverings, and/or participating in activities such as singing or yelling. Physical distancing remains a very effective health measure while we navigate the current surge.

This means that places such as parties and bars are hot spots for the virus. This also means that our classrooms are not high-risk spaces for contracting COVID-19. Our classrooms are well ventilated, and masks are required.

If you are concerned about the way someone on campus is behaving in regard to COVID-19, we have the COVID-19 reporting forum available. Use this forum to report a COVID-19 concern involving you, another individual, or a group. These concerns may involve issues related to: monitoring symptoms, face covering guidance, physical distancing, cleaning, COVID-19 Disclosure, or other concerns.

Students in isolation: please continue to respect our community, especially the permanent residents of CCA, by NOT leaving your apartment during this time. Our isolation location is an apartment complex, and our medical professionals have said we CANNOT have isolation students leave their units. This means you can’t take a walk, you can’t open your door to talk to friends, and you can’t be in the hallway. 

See below the isolation summary as of Monday 03/28/2022 (this number may vary from the COVID dashboard, pending dashboard daily updates and home tests reported)

Day ofStudent PositivesFaculty & Staff Positives

Medical grade surgical masks and KN95 masks are available for free in the Office of Student Affairs, Dean of Faculty Office, Gold Student Center, ResLife, PitStop, Dining and the Nurse Clinic. As always, please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.


Nurse Zephyr