Faculty – PERMing and Zoom

January 13, 2022

Dear Colleagues –

In anticipation of the online start of the semester — and recognizing that students have historically used the first two weeks of the semester, prior to the add deadline, as a “shopping period” for courses — we are asking students who want to potentially enroll in a course to inquire directly with instructors about Zoom access to their courses during the first two weeks.

You are welcome to share the zoom information with any students seeking to possibly add your courses, at your discretion.

Below, please find some helpful guidelines from IT:

How to create and share a recurring Zoom class meeting link:

How to add a Zoom link to Sakai:

How to access, process, and/or deny PERMs:

How to access and manage your class Email Roster:

How to use Zoom (refresher overview):
https://www.pitzer.edu/information-technology/services/zoom/ (also available at https://pitzer.zoom.us)

Thanks all,

Phil Zuckerman
Associate Dean