Weekly COVID Community Updates

Dear Campus Community,

When we began the process of developing the draft of our Mindful of Each Other Community Agreement, it was designed with our commitment to “calling each other in” around these important health and safety measures, to practice empathy, compassion and an ethos of “I am because we are”, whereby we honor the principle of ubuntu. Together with our core values in action, it has been this living community compass that has helped us navigate this journey. We have chartered unimaginable territory, rolled up our sleeves to pivot as needed, and we have continued to honor each other’s health and safety in this fluid process. I hope you remain as proud of I am of our continued united efforts.

Below are important updates and reminders of the week:

  • Important Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Update: Modified Quarantine requirements for fully vaccinated students who were close contacts of a known positive case have now been eliminated and students will no longer be required to have any restrictions placed on them as long as they are asymptomatic. These students will be asked by Student Health Services to monitor for symptoms for 14 days and recommended to get tested 3-5 days after exposure, in addition to their regularly scheduled weekly testing. Unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated students that are identified as close contacts will be placed in standard Quarantine. This is in great part attributed to all of our Mindful of Each Other efforts as a community that have contributed to the greater good. The Office of Student Affairs continues to partner with Student Health Services to operationalize this update.
  • Student Testing Reminders: Just a friendly reminder to students that due to the impact of fall break on our weekly testing routine, if you have not yet been able to get tested this week, please visit Student Health Services as soon as possible to resume your weekly routine testing. As a reminder, if a student misses their scheduled testing day, they may test any other remaining day of the Monday – Friday week at Student Health Services. We appreciate continued proactive student outreach for alternative day coordination support needs.
  • COVID-19 Boosters: The FDA and CDC have approved boosters for all three COVID-19 vaccines individuals eligible for a booster of Pfizer or Moderna include those who received the second of the two-dose Pfizer or Moderna vaccine series at least 6 months ago and are either:
    • 65 and over
    • Residents of long-term care facilities
    • 18 to 64 with underlying medical conditions
    • 18 to 64 with high institutional or occupational risk, including healthcare workers, first responders, teachers and day care staff, grocery workers, and workers in homeless shelters or prisons

Anyone who received the J&J vaccine >2 months ago is eligible for a booster, this includes students! 

Booster shots are available at any vaccine site.  You can make an appointment for your booster using My Turn or find a walk-in vaccination site.  If you are looking for a site close to campus Hendricks Pharmacy in the Claremont Village offers COVID vaccines, click the link to make an appointment. Students needing transportation support to local Claremont vaccine sites or to Pomona Valley Hospital, may contact Bryce Sternquist (via email at [email protected] or in the Office of Student Affairs Scott Hall 120) for access to Claremont Dial-a-Ride booklet support or Uber/Lyft transportation during normal business hours. For support after normal business hours, students may contact Pitzer’s 24/7 Dean on Call to request Uber/Lyft transportation support at 909-607-2000.

  • Student Travel Break COVID-19 Guidelines Thank You: Thank you to our students for your tremendous partnership in being a leader at The Claremont Colleges related to student break travel. Thank you also to Campus Life for launching inaugural alternative break events and activities for students that we hope will become a new tradition at Pitzer. We are pleased that 160 students signed up to engage in community through these opportunities. As a reminder, our November break guidelines will mirror our fall break guidelines, including twice a week testing upon return to campus, and the online form completion request will be sent soon.
  • Weekend COVID-19 Support: Students needing weekend COVID-19 related support or who find themselves needing assistance accessing care, should contact Pitzer’s 24/7 On-call Dean via Campus Safety at 909-607-2000. Our team is here to help you!
  • Well-being & Self-Care: Staying healthy is important during this time as it is the season for the flu, colds, strep throat, and mono. Students needing 24/7 medical or mental health support, can meet with providers via 7C.Health. Attached are wellness reminders from Student Health Services.

We continue to be proud of our numbers below. This has and continues to an evolving journey we are committed to in community. May we continue to strive to maintain this momentum.

Below, please find the summary of student quarantine and modified quarantine status data between Thursday, October 13 – Friday, October 22:

  • Students Placed in Travel Quarantine: 0
  • Students Released from Travel Quarantine: 0
  • Total Students Currently in Travel Quarantine: 0
  • Students Placed in Quarantine: 0
  • Students Released from Quarantine: 0
  • Total Students Currently in Quarantine: 0
  • Students Placed in Modified Quarantine: 0
  • Students Released from Modified Quarantine:1
  • Total Students Currently in Modified Quarantine: 0
  • Students Placed in Isolation: 0
  • Students Released from Isolation: 0
  • Total Students Currently in Isolation: 0

As a reminder, our on-call staff is available 24/7 to assist with any community support concerns (909-607-2000) and our COVID-19 Concern Reporting Form is also available. Information and updates are also available on our Pathway Forward website, including our COVID-19 Dashboard, Mindful of Each Other Community Agreement expectations, and Pitzer Student-led Gatherings and Events/Meetings Guidelines.  

As always, I have an open door for anyone who would like to meet with me for any feedback or ideas regarding how we can enhance our Mindful of Each Other practices in community action.  



Sandra Vasquez, Ed.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs
Pitzer College