Weekly COVID Community Updates

October 1, 2021

Dear Campus Community,

Midterms are upon us! It was lovely to see The Writing Center’s Writing Wagon rolling to support our students this week! This afternoon the Office of Chicano Latino Student Affairs (CLSA) hosted a “paletas with CLSA” drop-in community connection hours on the mounds. This evening I had an opportunity to enjoy dinner with some of our extraordinary student leaders and to learn about services and resources that students find helpful as they complete their midterms. It brings me great joy to listen to the gratitude of our students to be able to have a meaningful student life experience in community with each other, our beloved faculty, and staff.    

Below are just a few highlights of the week:

  • Congratulations to our Black Student Union for successfully hosting Pitzer’s first cross-campus student-led student organization event in partnership with Pomona College’s Black Student Union!
  • Campus Life is excited to launch the office’s new website to bring students, student leaders, clubs and organizations enhanced access to resources, services, staff support, and campus activities and co-curricular engagement opportunities. Current Pitzer Student-Led Gatherings and Events/Meetings Guidelines – Fall 2021 are also found on the site.
  • Our beloved Pitzer Friday program continues to showcase the great community love of Pitzer! You are all invited to join in the fun today to be entered into a drawing, by submitting a photo!
  • Take a little break to find the joy in community by joining weekend activities, events and programs at Pitzer or cheer on our Sagehens! Take a walk through the lighted trees on the mounds and enjoy Shakedown Sounds this evening, stop by LSU X Campus Life’s Loteria Night or sign up for PACT’s Rollerskating Trip tomorrow!  

We are grateful for ongoing community feedback and our continued monitoring of trends that allow us the opportunity to learn and enhance practices necessary to honor our being Mindful of Each Other in action. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Shakedown Hours: The Shakedown closes at 11:00 p.m., please help our team by ensuring your GRILL and PIZZA order is placed no later than our final order call time of 10:30 p.m. Grab & Go, snacks, and drinks will still be available for purchase up to 11:00pm. Be sure to mask in line, when you place your order, and wait for your food.
  • Student Travel Break COVID-19 Guidelines: Students are reminded to please submit your fall break travel plans by October 4th, per our Student Travel Break COVID-19 Guidelines.
  • Student COVID-19 Testing Reminders: Student Health Services notifies Student Affairs of students who missed their COVID-19 test day. This is a friendly reminder that students who miss their test day are able to use Friday as their make-up test day, or to work with Student Affairs to make alternative test day plans, and return to their assigned test day the following week. Consistent with our Mindful of Each Other Community Agreement, in the event students may not comply with weekly testing requirements, supportive outreach and a reminder will be issued in the first instance, the Student Code of Conduct and loss of privileges will be enforced the second instance, and any further instances may result in an immediate interim suspension and/or unenrollment from the College. Every effort will be made to collaborate with students and we appreciate your responsive cooperation. Please be sure to open your test results as on very rare occasions SHS may instruct and expect you to cooperate with retesting due to a rejected test.    
  • Flu Vaccine Deadline Extension: To support all Claremont Colleges flu vaccine needs, Student Health Services (SHS) will be extending student access to flu vaccines until October 29th for any students that may still need to make an appointment. Students who obtain the mandatory flu vaccine at a location off campus may upload their record to SHS here.
  • Weekend COVID-19 Support: Students needing weekend COVID-19 related support or who find themselves needing assistance accessing care, should contact Pitzer’s 24/7 On-call Dean via Campus Safety at 909-607-2000. Our team is here to help you!
  • Well-being & Self-Care: Staying healthy is important during this time as it is the season for the flu, colds, strep throat, and mono. Students needing 24/7 medical or mental health support, can meet with providers via 7C.Health.

We continue to be proud of our numbers below. This has and continues to an evolving journey we are committed to in community. May we continue to strive to maintain this momentum.

Below please find summary student quarantine and modified quarantine status data between Saturday, September 25 – Friday, October 1:

Students Placed in Travel Quarantine: 0

Students Released from Travel Quarantine: 0

Total Students Currently in Travel Quarantine: 0

Students Placed in Quarantine: 0

Students Released from Quarantine: 0

Total Students Currently in Quarantine: 0

Students Placed in Modified Quarantine: 2

Students Released from Modified Quarantine: 2

Total Students Currently in Modified Quarantine: 0

Students Placed in Isolation: 0

Students Released from Isolation: 0

Total Students Currently in Isolation: 0

As a reminder, our on-call staff is available 24/7 to assist with any community support concerns (909-607-2000) and our COVID-19 Concern Reporting Form is also available. Information and updates are also available on our Pathway Forward website, including our COVID-19 Dashboard, Mindful of Each Other Community Agreement expectations, and Pitzer Student-led Gatherings and Events/Meetings Guidelines.  

As always, I have an open door for anyone who would like to meet with me for any feedback or ideas regarding how we can enhance our Mindful of Each Other practices in community action.  



Sandra Vasquez, Ed.D.

Vice President for Student Affairs

Pitzer College

P: 909-621-8241


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