Weekly COVID Community Updates

September 24, 2021

Dear Campus Community,

We have made it through four weeks of classes! Our beloved Pitzer mounds was home to the first 5C event since the pandemic. With over 120 5C clubs and organizations united in partnership to make possible this meaningful opportunity, students and sister campuses continue to express their gratitude to Pitzer for making this event possible.

Below are just a few highlights of the week:

  • Student Health Services (SHS) reported excellent flu vaccine rates from students, and we thank the few students who worked with Student Affairs proactively on their need to schedule an appointment at SHS.
  • Thank you to students who kicked off our first COVID-19 Student Advisory Group meeting and provided invaluable feedback! Students interested in joining the group are welcome to email [email protected] to sign up.
  • We are so proud of our student testing rates! This week we only had three students who proactively worked with Student Affairs to schedule a make-up test day.
  • Our Strive2Thrive Program’s Wellness Wednesday: Finding the Joy Around Us event had 93 student participants this week! Stay connected with upcoming events to engage in self-care and wellbeing in community!
  • Thank you to all of the offices and partnerships with student leaders that made possible our successful 3rd Annual Weeks of Welcome with over 50 student-centered events and programs as part of our student affairs co-curriculum initiatives. This community endeavor is a point of campus pride to help welcome our students back to campus, help foster meaningful community belonging, connections to resources and services, and engagement opportunities.  
  • Our beloved Pitzer Friday program continues to showcase the great community love of Pitzer! You are all invited to join in the fun today as the last Friday of the month to be entered into a drawing, by submitting a photo!
  • Join weekend activities, events and programs at Pitzer or cheer on our Sagehens! You may even catch a fun pick-up live volleyball or basketball game amongst Pitzer students, right here, on campus!

We are grateful for ongoing community feedback and our continued monitoring of trends that allow us the opportunity to learn and enhance practices necessary to honor our being Mindful of Each Other in action. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Students are reminded to please submit your fall break travel plans by October 4th, per our Student Travel Break COVID-19 Guidelines.
  • Students are encouraged to find outdoor areas on campus to gather in groups safely, following our guidelines. Remember, masking and registration is required for  outdoor gatherings of 30 or more. Campus Life is here to support you with registering a gathering!
  • Students needing weekend COVID-19 related support or who find themselves needing assistance accessing care, should contact Pitzer’s 24/7 On-call Dean via Campus Safety at 909-607-2000. Our team is here to help you!
  • Thank you to our students for your feedback about the need for enhanced CCA shuttle services. In partnership with Student Senate, we continue to move forward with positive progress to make possible our ability to extend services during the weekday. We hope to have updates as soon as possible.
  • Student Affairs is launching forward with a Pitzer Community Care Team to assist with efforts to support our practice of Mindful of Each Other in action as it relates to our COVID-19 guidelines and to promote community norming. They will help with positive community connections for those following guidelines by randomly handing out Pitzer swag, and have masks on hand for community members that need access or simply a friendly reminder to lean into community. Any Pitzer employee interested in joining the team may sign up by emailing Melissa Burrows at [email protected]. Team members will also receive Pitzer swag and gear!
  • Staying healthy is important during this time as it is the season for the flu, colds, strep throat, and mono. Students needing 24/7 medical or mental health support, can meet with providers via 7C.Health.

We continue to be proud of our numbers below. This has and continues to an evolving journey we are committed to in community. May we continue to strive to maintain this momentum.

Below please find summary student quarantine and modified quarantine status data between Saturday, September 18 – Friday, September 24:

Students Placed in Travel Quarantine: 1

Students Released from Travel Quarantine: 0

Total Students Currently in Travel Quarantine: 1

Students Placed in Quarantine: 0

Students Released from Quarantine: 0

Total Students Currently in Quarantine: 0

Students Placed in Modified Quarantine: 1

Students Released from Modified Quarantine: 1

Total Students Currently in Modified Quarantine: 0

Students Placed in Isolation: 0

Students Released from Isolation: 0

Total Students Currently in Isolation: 0

As a reminder, our on-call staff is available 24/7 to assist with any community support concerns (909-607-2000) and our COVID-19 Concern Reporting Form is also available. Information and updates are also available on our Pathway Forward website, including our COVID-19 Dashboard, Mindful of Each Other Community Agreement expectations, and Pitzer Student-led Gatherings and Events/Meetings Guidelines.

As always, I have an open door for anyone who would like to meet with me for any feedback or ideas regarding how we can enhance our Mindful of Each Other practices in community action.  



Sandra Vasquez, Ed.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs