5C Update on Student Events and Parties

September 24, 2021

Dear Students,

Congratulations on an excellent start to the academic year. For the first month of this semester, the Student Life leadership at the 5C’s agreed to permit only 1C events and parties—where only students from the host campus were permitted to attend. As promised, the Student Deans Council (SDC) met today to  assess the level of covid19 infection in the community and determine if any shifts could occur.

In large part due to the mandated vaccine, your compliance with COVID-19 mitigation strategies such as masking guidelines and testing requirements, the Claremont Colleges have reported very modest case rates and limited spread.

In light of this encouraging news, the SDC has decided to allow some additional social activities to occur on our campuses. While the practice of hosting campus-specific 1C events will continue, as of Monday, September 27, the following activities will also be permitted:

  • 5C club-sponsored activities are now permitted at each of the undergraduate campuses, upon approval of registration requests.
    • The size, time, and nature of those activities will be considered by the respective campuses when determining whether the activities will be approved to take place on any given campus.
    • 5C clubs and organizations must adhere to any rules or restrictions that are specific to the host campus (i.e., mask requirements, alcohol usage, registration practices, etc.)
  • Programs and events offered through The Claremont Colleges Services, Inc. and the College’s shared services (i.e., Office of Black Student Affairs, Chicanx/Latinx Student Affairs, The Chaplains Office, Queer Resource Center, EmPOWER Center, etc.).
  • Community events and programs coordinated by the new 7C International Student Community Program Council.
  • 4C Parties: CMC, Pitzer, Pomona, and Scripps will each host one 4C party this fall. In consultation with their students, Harvey Mudd will not host or permit its students to attend these events for the time being.
  • All 4C events will be hosted outdoors, and the campuses are working collaboratively on the fall event schedule. 
  • The host campus will be responsible for notifying students of any rules or restrictions that are specific to its campus (i.e., mask requirements, alcohol usage, registration practices, etc.)
  • Only 4C students will be permitted at these specific events; no visitors or guests outside of the 4Cs are allowed
  • Please note that at all parties designated as single campus events, only students from that campus are permitted to attend.

Please note these permitted activities are subject to change should COVID-19 conditions shift in our local or campus communities. 

As always, it is critical that students be respectful and attentive to the rules of the various campuses. Thank you in advance for making responsible choices and doing your part to support an engaged, inclusive campus community.

At Pitzer, we are excited to support Pitzer students creating programs and events for our community. We are here to help Pitzer students, clubs, and organizations that want host programs, meetings and social gatherings, in navigating the processes required. The Campus Life staff, located in Gold Student Center 200, are available to walk students through the event registration guidelines, funding opportunities, advertising, and provide many resources to help you and your student organizations put on successful events.

Students that want to put on an event at Pitzer should review the Pitzer Student-Led Gatherings and Events/Meetings Guidelines. Additionally, to register an event or meeting, you should fill out the Event Approval Request Form and a Campus Life staff member will walk through the event/meeting planning procedures with you. To contact the Campus Life staff directly, you can email [email protected] and also follow us on Instagram at @pitzer.campuslife for updates on upcoming programs.

We all look forward to helping our Pitzer and 5C students create a more robust campus life experience!


Alayna Session-Goins

Alayna Session-Goins, M.Ed.

Associate Dean of Students & Director of Campus Life