Updates on Pitzer Study Abroad and International Students

July 17, 2021

Dear colleagues, 

I wanted to share a few very important updates regarding Pitzer’s study abroad and international programs for the upcoming semester.

Study Abroad in the Fall: To confirm, due to the ongoing pandemic, none of our direct-run sites will be running in the fall. There remains a small number of students (8) studying abroad in a very limited number of third party and exchange sites. Retaining a limited number of study abroad sites also allows those international students unable to secure US visas to still enroll at Pitzer for the Fall (as you can imagine, many US consulates are still closed or barely functioning). Invariably, while at this time we have no plans to do so, we reserve the right to cancel any of these programs if health conditions change. 

Global virtual internship courses in Fall 2021:  Our program directors will once again offer virtual internship courses in the fall semester open to all (including first years). We will disseminate more details on these courses in the coming weeks. 

Global modules: Again, our directors welcome the opportunity to provide guest lectures/presentations/other roles for any of your courses. Last semester, a number of faculty requested our directors to offer specific modules as part of their courses. We will be very happy to connect you directly with our colleagues abroad to discuss ways that they could assist your courses. Feel free to contact Mike Donahue ([email protected]) or myself ([email protected] ). If you already have worked with any of the directors and would prefer to contact them directly, feel free to do so.

International students:  At this point, we expect close to 80 students to arrive from international locations early in August  (the vast majority being matriculated students – many of whom are new first-years or those who completed last year from their home countries). . Given a considerable percentage of these students will arrive sans vaccination, they will be vaccinated in Claremont and housed in the CCA apartments until cleared to move onto campus. Please keep in mind that while we all hope every international student will be cleared in time to physically attend your classes, there may be a few outliers who cannot attend the first few weeks. In addition, there will be some facing visa and flight availability challenges who may also be delayed. We would appreciate, in advance, your understanding and support of any international students who may be unable to attend the initial weeks of your courses. We are also very grateful to student affairs/housing office for their incredible flexibility and hard work in ensuring that our international students may come early. If you have any concerns or questions about an international student advisee, please reach out directly to Todd Sasaki ([email protected] or myself ([email protected]

Michael Ballagh
Associate Vice President for International Programs and Ann E. Pitzer Director of International Programs