Information for Fall Arrival from International Locations

Dear Pitzer students arriving from outside the US,  
This is an update about fall arrival logistics for students arriving from international locations due to more information we recently received from both Student Health Services (SHS) and the CDC. As a reminder, our past email to international students is attached. Below is the information as we know it now, and it is possible that it could change again. We will do our best to keep you informed and we want to continue to emphasize that we highly encourage you to explore flexible travel arrangements as there are many factors that could affect your arrival plans such as an increase in COVID-19 cases in your country of origin or other local areas leading to changes in CDC/LACDPH guidance. 
The three major updates you’ll find below are: 

  1. More information on what types of international vaccines will be accepted to be considered “fully vaccinated”.  
  2. A reminder about how to submit proof of vaccination OR how to confirm that you will need a COVID-19 vaccination after arrival in Claremont.  
  3. Updates to arrival dates for vaccinated international students to account for time for them to receive the results of a COVID-19 test around 3-5 days after arrival before they can participate in campus activities. As well as the timing that unvaccinated international students can expect to receive their COVID-19 vaccination upon arrival (which is after receiving a negative result on their COVID-19 test 3-5 days after arrival).  
  • COVID-19 vaccination clarifications
    • We’ve received more specific guidance on what international vaccinations will be accepted to be considered “fully vaccinated” this fall. Currently, international vaccines that don’t have a ‘Finalized’ status on the WHO authorized list, CDC states would not be considered “fully vaccinated” for public health guidance purposes. The WHO list provided in the link above does get updated periodically as the WHO continues to evaluate vaccine data submitted to them. So, a vaccine without WHO authorization today could certainly receive authorization by August but it’s difficult to predict which may and which may not. 
    • If you have received, or plan to receive, an international vaccine that does not have a ‘Finalized’ status per the WHO list above, please still upload your proof of vaccination on Healthy Pitzer and we will reach out to discuss next steps.
    • The J&J (Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen) vaccine will be our preferred vaccination this fall due to it only being one shot and only two weeks post-vaccination to reach full immunity. The chart below is based on use of the J&J vaccine and if for some reason we are unable to procure J&J, or an individual student chooses a different vaccine, then the timeline for that student to move out of quarantine housing and to their assigned bed space could be at least 5-6 weeks instead of 2 weeks.  
    • As a reminder, students who are not fully vaccinated yet (2 weeks past their last shot) will need to continue to adhere to public health measures and participate in regular COVID-19 testing on-campus.  
  • Proof of Vaccination Process
    • This summer, ALL students will need to do one of the following by July 1: 
      1. Upload proof of COVID-19 vaccination to Healthy Pitzer (NOTE: If your vaccination card is in another language, please have it translated prior to upload)
      2. Email [email protected] to begin the process to receive a medical/religious exemption from the vaccination
      3. Complete the “Early Arrival Application – Fall 2021“ on your Residence homepage to officially request an early arrival AND to request to receive a vaccination in Claremont this fall after arrival.  
    • NOTE: New students will need to wait until May 26 to take one of these steps.  
    • Arrival Date Determination 
FULLY Vaccinated International Students 
Population Early Arrival Date (5 days before) Cannot Participate in Activities Dates COVID-19 Testing (Day 3) Receive J&J COVID-19 Vaccination Can Begin Participation (after neg. test) Start Date of Campus Activities  Move Out of Quarantine Housing 
First-Year / Sophomore Students Sunday, Aug. 15 Aug. 15 – Aug. 19 Wed, Aug. 18 N/A Thursday, Aug. 19  Friday, Aug. 20 (New international student orientation) N/A 
Returning Students (JR/SR) Monday, Aug. 23 Aug. 23 – Aug. 27 Thursday, Aug. 26 N/A Friday, Aug. 27  Saturday, Aug. 28 (Returning Student Move-In Day) N/A 
Exchange Students Tuesday, Aug. 24 Aug. 24 – Aug. 29 Saturday, Aug. 28 N/A Sunday, Aug. 29 N/A N/A 
NOT Fully Vaccinated International Students 
Population Early Arrival Date (7 days before) Self-Quarantine Dates COVID-19 Testing (Day 3) Receive J&J COVID-19 Vaccination (after neg. test) Done with Quarantine Start Date of Campus Activities Move Out of Quarantine Housing into Reg. Room 
First-Year / Sophomore Students Wednesday, Aug. 11 Aug. 11 – Aug. 18 Saturday, Aug. 14 Monday, Aug. 16 Wed. Aug. 18 Friday, Aug. 20  Monday, Aug. 30 
Returning Students (JR/SR) Saturday, Aug. 21 Aug. 21-Aug. 28 Tuesday, Aug. 24 Thursday, Aug. 26 Saturday, Aug. 28 Saturday, Aug. 28 Thursday, Sept. 9 
Exchange Students Friday, Aug. 20 Aug. 20 – Aug. 27 Monday, Aug. 23 Wed, Aug. 25 Friday, Aug. 27 N/A Wed, Sept. 8 

*NOTE: These tables are projections of how the process MIGHT look as of now. These timelines and processes are subject to change on an overall and individual basis.  

  • Question & Answer
    • What if I already bought a ticket based on previous information and cannot change the date of the ticket?  
      • Please reach out to Todd to let us know about this situation. Depending on several factors, we will be able to provide you more information on next steps.  
    • What will fully vaccinated international students, who arrive 5 days early to receive their COVID-19 test and results, be able to do during those extra early arrival days? 
      • Vaccinated international students will not be in quarantine when they arrive early. 
      • They will be able to come and go from their individual rooms to get to-go meals from the dining hall, go shopping, walk around campus, etc.  
      • However, they will not be able to participate in any group activities with other students or participate in orientation until they have received a negative COVID-19 test.  
      • Orientation and International Programs will work closely with new international students during these early arrival days on options.  
    • What if I travel to somewhere else in the US before arriving to Pitzer this fall? 
      • Please discuss your travel plans with Todd to determine what steps you’ll need to take when you arrive in the US and when you’ll be arriving to Pitzer.  
    • Will we provide quarantine housing for students who live off-campus this fall semester? 
      • No, quarantine housing in campus housing is reserved only for those who will be living in campus housing this fall semester.  
      • Also, if an unvaccinated international student who lives off-campus this fall would like to receive testing and vaccination after they arrive to Claremont, please complete the Early Arrival Application on your Residence homepage to request this. 
  • Next steps 
    • Review the chart above and determine your Campus Arrival Date 
    • If you determine that you need to arrive early due to an unvaccinated status, please apply for Early Arrival on your Residence homepage.  

Please keep in mind that all of this guidance is subject to change and will depend on what’s going on in your country of origin as well as here locally. For example, a student coming from an area identified as a “hotspot” this August may be recommended to still quarantine upon arrival, even if they are fully vaccinated.  
We expect to receive more updated guidance in mid-June and we will plan to communicate again with you all by late June with updates. We will also be transitioning all these details to a new centralized website by late June so you can always check to see updated information. As always, we encourage you to remain in communication with us over the summer as any questions or concerns arise. Pitzer’s Director of International Programs Todd Sasaki will be your go-to person as you approach fall semester. 
Our best,  
Todd Sasaki, Director of International Programs 
Kirsten Carrier, Associate Dean of Students & Director of Residence Life 
Alayna Session-Goins, Associate Dean of Students & Director of Campus Life