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Fulbright Fellows for 2007-2008

Andrew Bartnof

Andrew Bartnof ’07
Andrew Bartnof has been awarded a Fulbright teaching assistantship to Indonesia. Bartnof is a double major in English and World Literature and philosophy and studied on the Pitzer in China program as a sophomore and then on an exchange with the University of Koblenz-Landau in Germany during his junior year.

Lauren Birnbryer

Lauren Birnbryer ’07
Lauren Birnbryer has been awarded a Fulbright teaching assistantship to Indonesia. Birnbryer, a double major in psychology and sociology, studied on the Pitzer in Ecuador Intensive Language and Culture program.

Anita Desikan

Anita Desikan ’07
Anita Desikan, a double major in biology and psychology, has been awarded a Fulbright teaching assistantship to Malaysia. She studied on the Pitzer exchange program in Turkey.

Morgana Matus

Morgana Matus ’07
Morgana Matus has been awarded a research Fulbright to Norway, Pitzer’s first-ever nominee/winner for Norway. Matus is an Environmental Studies major and Religious Studies minor. Her proposal is titled “Gods and Fjords: Religion and Environmental Stewardship in Norway.” She studied on the Pitzer in Costa Rica program.

Patrick Miller

Patrick Miller ’07
Patrick Miller has been awarded Pitzer’s first-ever research Fulbright to Japan. His research proposal is titled “A Good Clean Fight: Japanese Brazilians and Identity Formation via Sport.” Miller studied abroad in Japan.

David Setang

David Saetang ’07
David Saetang, an English and World Literature major, has been awarded a Fulbright teaching assistantship to Korea. Saetang studied language and culture in the Pitzer Summer Study in Japan program.

Lexi Notabartolo

Alexis Spencer Notabartolo ’07
Alexis Spencer Notabartolo has been awarded a research Fulbright to Georgia. Spencer Notabartolo studied on the Pitzer in Italy program in Spring 2005. A Political Studies major, she will be researching the formation of public opinion of international organizations, specifically NATO.

Jonathon Tigeri

Jonathan Tigeri ’06
Jonathan Tigeri has been awarded a research Fulbright to El Salvador. Tigeri studied on the Pitzer in Italy program in Fall 2004. Currently, he is a Post Baccalaureate Urban Fellow at the College.

Daphne Churchill

Daphne Churchill ’07
In addition to these Fulbright Fellows, Daphne Churchill, whose self-designed major was Urban Intercultural Studies, has been awarded a French Ministry of Education award for 2007–08. This award is secured through the Fulbright competition but administered by the French government. Churchill studied abroad in Touraine, France, and developed a strong interest in multicultural education. She has been assigned to Corsica for the 2007–08 academic year.

Alumni may apply for Fulbrights through the at-large pool or through Pitzer College. It is advantageous to apply through Pitzer as proposals will be reviewed and nominated by the Pitzer Fulbright Committee. Nominees will be phone-interviewed by the Pitzer Fulbright Committee as part of the review process. The proposal must be submitted through Pitzer to be officially recognized by the Fulbright Program as an award associated with the College. Alumni wishing to apply should contact Fulbright Adviser Nigel Boyle.

Hannah Locke '07
USA Freedom Corps Volunteer Service Award

Hannah LockeHannah Locke ’07 received a USA Freedom Corps Volunteer Service Award in April from President Bush in front of Air Force One at Los Angeles International Airport. Locke was selected in recognition of her high level of service in the Jumpstart program. Locke, a psychology major from Seattle, Washington, plans to pursue a career in social work.

Pitzer Jumpstart Site Coordinator Karen Magoon said, “Even among the service-oriented students at Pitzer College, a school that emphasizes social responsibility as one of its core values and was recently named to the President’s Higher Education Community Service Award Honor Roll, Hannah Locke’s exceptional service ethic stands out.” Locke, who is in her third year with Jumpstart, where she has consistently put in more than 300 hours each year, is also the campus coordinator for Teach for America.

Matt Herceg ’07
Thomas J. Watson Fellowship

Matt Herceg   Matt Herceg ’07 is one of only fifty college seniors nationwide to receive the prestigious Watson Fellowship, which funds a year of travel and independent inquiry. Matt is Pitzer’s twenty-sixth Watson Fellow. His project’s title is “Film and Football Mythopoeia: Capturing/Creating the Beautiful Game.”
   Herceg is a Media Studies major who plans on attending graduate school in journalism/film with long-term plans of being an independent media maker or an alternative media theatre owner.
   Herceg will complete his Watson in Denmark, Brazil, Argentina, Ghana, Austria and Switzerland. He participated in the Pitzer in China study abroad program.

Ben Rubin ’10
Kemper Scholarship

Ben Rubin   Ben Rubin ’10 is looking forward to his sophomore and junior summers when he will be fulfilling his duties as a Kemper Scholar.
    The program is designed to encourage outstanding liberal arts college students to prepare for careers in business. The program includes scholarships, meetings with business leaders and two paid summer internships: one with a nonprofit agency and one that is designed by the students themselves.
    Rubin is the College’s fourth student to be named a Kemper Scholar. Current Kemper Scholars at Pitzer are Sandra Gonzalez-Gutierrez ’09, Jackie Martinez ’08 and Mauricio Pantoja ’08.

Jamilah King ’07
Union Semester Fellowship

Jamilah King   Jamilah King ’07, a double major in English & World Literature and Black Studies, has been awarded a Union Semester Fellowship from City College of New York.
   Union Semester is an intensive academic and internship program for both undergraduate and graduate students. Internships are thirty-two hours a week and students attend four classes each week. King and other fellowship winners will earn a certificate in Labor Studies after completing their internships.
   Her long-term goal is to teach and write professionally; within the next two years she plans on pursuing a master’s degree in journalism.

Randy Gomez ’08 and Sara Hinojos ’08
Ronald E. McNair Scholarship

McNair Scholars   Sara Hinojos ’08 and Randy Gomez ’08 are both double majors with Sara majoring in sociology and Chicano Studies and Randy in sociology and art. Hinojos and Gomez studied abroad in Parma as part of the Pitzer in Italy program. They are also active in many of the same collegiate activities, including the Chiapas Support Committee, Chicano Latino Student Affairs (CLSA), and the Latino Student Union. Gomez also served on the Student Senate’s Judiciary Board and assisted in the after-school Heroes program as well as the Pomona Day-Labor Center. Hinojos also sat on the Student Senate’s Diversity Committee, and participated in Heroes and the Pomona Day-Labor Center.
    While Hinojos plans to pursue a professorship in Ethnic Studies, Gomez is interested in either completing an MFA or MBA program. Hinojos and Gomez along with the other selected McNair Scholars will present their research at two different conferences. The McNair Scholars Program was created in honor of Ronald E. McNair, an African American engineer, scientist and astronaut whose life tragically ended in 1986 while aboard NASA’s Challenger space shuttle. The scholarship award includes a six-week summer session at Claremont Graduate University and a stipend.

Nurjahan Bruce ’07 and Yazmin Chavira ’07
Teach for America’s 2007 National Corps.

Teach for America   Nurjahan Bruce ’07 and Yazmin Chavira ’07 have been selected to be a part of Teach for America’s 2007 National Corps.
    Bruce, a sociology major, may pursue a three-year master’s program at UCLA while completing her Teach for America commitment. Her assignment will take place within the Los Angeles Unified School District where she will be working with special-education students.
   Chavira, a psychology major from Houston, Texas, will earn her master’s in education in two years. Her Teach for America assignment will take her to a charter school in South Bronx. She looks forward to working at a charter school based on her own positive experience at a Houston KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program) school.
    Both graduates hope to effect change in educational reform.

Matt Berry ’07
Princeton-in-Asia Teaching Fellowship

Matt Berry   Matt Berry ’07 has been awarded a prestigious Princeton-in-Asia Teaching Fellowship to Thailand (Phag Nga) from Princeton University. Berry is one of eighty fellows awarded nationally in 2007 by Princeton University to research posts, schools, NGOs and businesses in approximately fifteen Asian countries.
    Berry studied in the Pitzer in Botswana and Pitzer in Costa Rica study abroad programs. His other collegiate activities include serving as a senior interviewer in the Office of Admission, a trip leader for Pitzer Outdoor Adventures (POA) and as a volunteer for the California Youth Authority in Chino. Berry, who self-designed his major in politics and community development, is the second Pitzer student to receive this award.

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