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Pitzer in Nepal

Four years ago, the Pitzer in Nepal program established an alternative site in Kalimpong, West Bengal, a culturally and linguistically Nepali region of India. The political situation between the Monarchy and the Maoists was heating up in Nepal, making it more difficult to continue the study abroad program there. Little by little, all study abroad programs in Nepal closed. Ours survived in diaspora, providing continuity of academic offerings and employment for staff whose commitment to the College has spanned thirty years. One year ago, a people’s movement in Nepal brought more than 100,000 protesters into the streets of Kathmandu, forcing the Monarchy to cede some of its constitutional powers and initiating a peace process that has led to the development of a new secular democracy in Nepal. Four months from now, Pitzer in Nepal will be back in Nepal for the Fall 2007 semester while continuing the program in Kalimpong as a second site given the burgeoning enrollment for the program from both Pitzer and students from other colleges and universities. The Pitzer in Nepal students will witness history in the making.

The Pitzer Study Abroad World Comes to Claremont

This July and timed with Summer Celebration Alumni Reunion Weekend, the directors of the Pitzer study abroad programs will be in Claremont for a conference titled “Releasing the Imagination: Study Abroad for the Liberal Arts and Sciences.” We will welcome Margaret Donahue, Prakash Kandel and Soorja Kayastha from Nepal; Franca Mora and Elena Feboli from Italy; Daniso Mokgwathi and Moagisi Mogalakwe from Botswana; Isabel Argüello Chaves from Costa Rica; Xiaomei Wang from China; and Maria Lubensky and Chris Lubensky from Ecuador. A study abroad reception with alumni, faculty, staff and students is scheduled as part of Summer Celebration on July 21 at 5 p.m. on the Mounds.

The Firestone Center Claims a New Ecological Niche

Firestone Center
Professor of Environmental Studies Paul Faulstich conducts research on petroglyphs with students at the Firestone Center.

With a $21,000 grant from the Mellon Foundation to Professor Donald McFarlane, Pitzer in Costa Rica will bring thirteen biologists and one specialist in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to the Firestone Center for Restoration Ecology this summer. They will establish longitudinal undergraduate research projects that contribute to the biological baseline assessment for the property. Though Costa Rica is home to many biological field stations, the Firestone Center is the only one that focuses on undergraduate research in tropical restoration ecology, thanks to the restoration vision of donor Diane Firestone. Coming from Middlebury, Rhodes, Vassar, Denison, Furman, Pitzer, Scripps and Pomona colleges, the scientists will work on projects in hydrology, soil geochemistry, dragonflies, pollinator fauna, stream ecology and mathematical biology.

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