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Who We Are

Our Culture

Who We AreWho are we and what do we do? This is a question we, as human beings, frequently ask ourselves as we engage in a lifelong pursuit of finding our true selves, most often with the understanding that we have set forth on a course with no structured path or clearly defined ending.
As a college we are the reflection of our founders, a group of social and intellectual visionaries who had the ambitious goal of creating a fifth undergraduate Claremont College—indeed, the best liberal arts college of the social and behavioral sciences in the country. Since our founding, we have carried the vision of our founder Russell K. Pitzer and our first President John Atherton, along with the administrators, special friends, founding faculty and courageous and adventurous students who
together lived and shaped Pitzer’s early years. These progressive
individuals set us on a long-term journey in which we strive to meet President Atherton’s mandate to “change the universe.”

Pitzer continues to evolve, ever remaining true to its aspirations of academic excellence, social responsibility, diversity and intercultural understanding. Together the Pitzer community has built a strong and lasting ethos that has guided the College to new heights amidst the changing landscape of higher education.

By sharing with you a selection of stories about who we are, this issue of The Participant offers a glimpse of the richness of the Pitzer community. The stories tell a tale of legacy, individuality, activism, creativity, dedication, traditions and culture. This is Pitzer College and these are our stories.

Susan Andrews
Emily Cavalcanti
Managing Editor

Who We Are

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• Lauren Dolgen '97
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Our Culture