Professor Hanzhang Liu

“Women’s work was once about women for themselves, women for women’s sake. Now what they are saying is that women’s rightful place in society—where they can do the most meaningful work—is at home with the family.”

—Hanzhang Liu, assistant professor of political studies, about the Chinese Communist Party’s attitudes toward women in the New York Times

Professor Susan Phillips

“Amazon’s community engagement plan is a textbook example of [public policy analyst Sherry] Arnstein’s bottom-most rung: manipulation—what we called ‘gaslighting.’ Like gaslighting, manipulation is about educating, persuading, and advising uninformed residents about what they should want. These campaigns prime a community to accept corporate wishes and to question contradictory voices that reflect real community knowledge or concerns.”

—Susan A. Phillips, professor of environmental analysis and director of the Robert Redford Conservancy for Southern California Sustainability, about Amazon’s 2024 strategy in the Inland Empire in the Los Angeles Times

Professor Alicia Bonaparte

“Black maternal mortality and infant mortality has become sexy to talk about, but not as sexy to invest in.”

—Alicia Bonaparte, professor of sociology and scholar of Black midwifery, about midwifery startups in the Guardian

Professor Marcus Rodgriguez

“If I’m going to be able to help these kids, I have to figure out how to collaborate with their parents, how to help them with their own anxiety, and help them learn to not get in the way of their kids’ treatment and ultimately support them. I need to help them be almost like co-therapists. If we’re going to help kids build lives worth living … they need collaborative problem-solving with their parents.”

—Marcus Rodriguez, associate professor of psychology and director of the Global Mental Health Research Lab, about supporting youth who are suffering from chronic invalidation on the “A Little Help For Our Friends” mental health podcast on iVoox